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Indian Navy is working on one exercise large scale, with the participation of many battleshipsubmarines and aircraft, over a large area in the Indian Ocean.

The exercise is aimed at testing this force’s combat readiness in a complex multidimensional scenario tied to today’s geostrategic environment.

The battlefield-level combat readiness exercise (TROPEX) takes place every 2 years to assess the ability of the Indian Navy to attack, defend and protect national interests in the maritime domain. besides promoting peace and stability in the Indian Ocean.

[Ấn Độ, Singapore, Thái Lan tập trận hải quân chung mang tên SITMEX]

In a statement, the Indian Navy emphasized: “The largest exercise of the Indian Navy, TROPEX 21, is underway with the participation of all Naval combat units including warships, submarines, aircraft as well as units of the Indian Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. “

Combat training TROPEX 21 starting in January and the peak period will be the third week of February./.

Huy Le (VNA / Vietnam +)