The impact of the ban Huawei has spread to Vietnam, cautious retailers see if they continue to import Huawei - VnReview smartphones

The impact of the ban Huawei has spread to Vietnam, cautious retailers see if they continue to import Huawei – VnReview smartphones

Most of the major retail systems in Vietnam are quite cautious, waiting for official information from Huawei about product distribution and support policies after the incident with Google.

Continuity of adverse information reaching Huawei has made people who are, will and will use the company's products not to worry or bewildered. In particular, when Google applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive … have become essential for Vietnamese users.

Reply VnReview about the case of Huawei – Google, Mr. Trinh Vu, representative of system communication Hoang Ha Mobile said: "Currently, the sales of Huawei in Hoang Ha Mobile has decreased slightly. There are some customers who have returned the machine but when explained by Hoang Ha staff, the current Huawei devices still use normally, customers. decided to keep the device for further use Hoang Ha Mobile is committed to accompanying customers, providing full support if customers' phones are not able to install Google apps. Huawei officials to decide on product import and distribution ".

Meanwhile, sharing with Dan Tri, a retail system owner with nearly 10 stores in Ho Chi Minh City, the information about Google stopping cooperating with Huawei is really shocking and confusing for sellers and buyers. . "I am having to review the number of in-store inventory products and wait for a formal response from Huawei Vietnam. We are also reviewing and suspending the import of new shipments as well as Import plans for upcoming products of Huawei Vietnam ", he said.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huy Tan – in charge of communicating CellphoneS system with Tuoi Tre: "We have recorded customer feedback, mainly asking about software updates and support for them later. This is like Huawei's announcement that old products will still be updated and For normal use, customers do not need to worry much, CellphoneS is working closely with the company to ensure customers' benefits, because of the new information, it is still early to evaluate the market trend. There is currently no plan between CellphoneS and Huawei in discounting or releasing goods.

The termination of such cooperation by Google will certainly affect Huawei globally. In Vietnam, retailers said they still have not received any official information from Huawei Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh, Deputy General Director of FPT Shop answered ICTnews said that it is working with Huawei Vietnam and waiting for an official answer from this company.

"Currently, we still trade in Huawei products as usual. Moreover, Huawei products sold so far are still in normal use so customers are assured of using the products. also collected feedback from customers and continuously updated to Huawei for appropriate handling options, " Mr. Viet Anh replied via email.

A Mobile World representative said that although there were a lot of rumors about Huawei so far, its products still sell quite well in Vietnam. However, in the latest case, if Huawei sells a product running Android incomplete, users may have to consider it.

"I think Huawei will have to find a way to resolve this because it affects their global business, not only in Vietnam. As a retailer, we will be dedicated to serving our customers, if guests If we still choose Huawei products, we still sell, otherwise we adjust our business plan accordingly ", This position told ICTnews.

Sharing with VTV, Mr. Mai Trieu Nguyen, who has decades of experience working with major phone manufacturers to import retail goods, said: "Although the relationship between the retailer and the firm is usually" cash in hand, "through clear contracts, therefore, the retailer seems to be taking the risk of paying for a However, with the case of retailers affected by this information, large multinational firms have a common approach to support and even refund a part of the money to retail business in the worst case.


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