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The image of the movie ‘Avatar 2’ opens a new world of James Cameron

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James Cameron, the legendary filmmaker of Titanic and The Terminator, is building a Pandora right in New Zealand for the movie ‘Avatar 2’.

‘Avatar 2’ reveals a new film set of Pandora Base

At a time when things were slowing down, it seemed to director James Cameron that he had a lot of development on the project that continued the Avatar storyline. Recently, Avatar’s Twitter account shared a few more pictures of James Cameron in the middle of the “massive Pandora base”

In the photo is James Cameron sitting in the middle of dozens of drawings around – it seems to be a layout map for a laboratory. In addition, this account also shares the wide angle of the entire monumental lab Cameron is building for Avatar.

wide-shot-avatar-2 -ong-movie
The studio design for Avatar 2’s Pandora Base

At first glance, this image looks like a model, but if you look closely, this is a lab created within the scope of a New Zealand studio with all the equipment on the set.

Will ‘Avatar 2’ bring back an underwater world?

Director Cameron is also an advocate of advanced technology in the film, one of which is the motion capture technology used for Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana to represent their character Na’vi. Not only that, he also advocates for highly realistic effects.

‘Avatar 2’ and 3 were filmed one after another, next to the filmmaker’s plans for seasons 4 and 5 afterwards. According to one source, Disney is spending $ 1 billion on James Cameron to produce all four movies – so the investment per episode is about 250 million, roughly equivalent to ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ‘or’ No Time To Die ‘.

Avatar 2 will have many underwater scenes

According to James Cameron, the Avatar sequel will follow Sully and Neytiri explore the remains of Pandora with another family. They will spend most of their time in an underwater world, and producer Jon Landau also shared an underwater shot, alongside a design of a submarine model for the sequel titled “The Crabsuit. “

Image of the submarine “Crabsuit”

All 4 upcoming parts of ‘Avatar’ will be released until 2028 respectively

James Cameron further explained about the premiere of ‘Avatar 2’ being delayed to December 16, 2022:

“Before COVID-19, things went on track to bring the sequel to air in December 2021. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected impact of the pandemic, we are unable to do so on that day. No one is more disappointed about this delay than I am. But I’m excited by the incredible performance of our cast and the extraordinary effort Weta Digital is making to bring the world of Pandora and its characters to life. “

After season 2 is released, the timing for the sequels is December 20, 2024 for season 3, ‘Avatar 4’ and ‘Avatar 5’ will be December 2026 and December 2028.

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