The illustrations are incredibly detailed by Kim Jung Gi 3 minutes

The illustrations are incredibly detailed by Kim Jung Gi 3 minutes

No need for sketches to draw his picture, images come to mind and his job is to ‘rely’ on them to fill the blank page. The works of artist Kim Jung Gi have captivated many hearts that love art.

Artist Kim Jung Gi Born in 1975 in Korea – Korea, at the age of 19, he majored in fine arts at Dong-Eui Busan University. After that, he had 2 years of service in the army, thanks to this time in the army, painter Kim Jung Gi had a lot of visual knowledge about weapons that set the stage for his writing. this.

Artist Kim Jung Gi

What viewers always admire before his works is the amazing detail along with the absolute accuracy ratio. It is worth mentioning that painter Kim drew them without any previous construction steps, the lines just appeared like a pre-programmed machine.

Skill Kim Jung Gi use is called space lock. This means that he always puts the object he wants to draw on a three-dimensional space such as cube, pyramid, cylinder, … Thus, he can shape the object he wants to draw, creating a fixed point to expand his idea. thought.

After a long period of practice, the masses of space that he envisioned in his mind without having to draw them, along with the knowledge of observing and memorizing accumulated over the years, created reflexes. artist Kim Jung Gi unleashes his creative ideas.

Some illustrations by artist Kim Jung Gi.

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