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The Hong Kong government (China) condemns the act of undermining public order

Xinhua quoted a spokesperson of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as saying some protesters moved public transport and various objects to blockade the streets, causing traffic congestion. These actions have seriously affected members of the community.

Riot protesters on the street in Hong Kong (China) September 15, 2019. Photo: THX / TTXVN

On the afternoon of November 2, protesters launched a march from Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, to Edinburgh Square in Central District on Hong Kong Island, despite a police ban. Protesters dressed in black and wearing masks illegally gathered in Victoria Park since 14:00 local time, and then took to the streets to protest. Some extremist protesters sabotaged public properties and attacked security forces. Protests have forced 50 bus lines to temporarily stop operating and more than 100 other bus routes to change direction.

Riot police and tornado vehicles were dispatched to Causeway Bay, Wanchai and Central areas to disperse protesters. A number of arrests have been made. The police confirmed they would continue to take appropriate action.

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