The Homeworld 3 project is currently receiving crowdfunding

The Homeworld 3 project is currently receiving crowdfunding

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Four years since Homeworld Remastered Collection Released, Gearbox has finally fulfilled its promise to embark on a project Homeworld 3.

Story about Homeworld is a very long story that originated from when its father, THQ went bankrupt, and since then this 20-year-old strategy game has been on the unstoppable journey from west to east with a series of owner changes. .

And after all the hardships, in the end Homeworld has peace of mind under the hands of Gearbox and since then the game company has been extremely active to revive the brand "resounded once" with projects. Homeworld Remastered Collection and Homeworld: Desert of Kharak.

However, it is not until the present time that the project Homeworld 3 has officially been started, continue writing the unfinished chronicle of the previous seniors.

But equally surprising when rumors Homeworld 3 becoming true is that the project is being invested in the form of … crowdfunding.

Gearbox gave an explanation for this, the game company said it wanted to find an opportunity to gather fans with game developers and FIG (community fundraising site) is the tool. Great to do that.

By taking advantage of feature – investing feature, players can earn a "piece of cake" for themselves (and of course Gearbox is selling shares of Homeworld 3 for $ 500 a share and players can buy up to $ 10 million).

Show the project Homeworld 3 has easily reached $ 482,000 from 2,672 supporters and is still growing very fast. The game's main producer will continue to be assigned to Blackbird Interactive (the company behind the project) Homeworld Remastered Collection).

Homewworld 3 The game is expected to be completed in 2022, but if something unexpected happens, the game may be delayed for a while.

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