The heroes explode at Bukovel Minor

Bukovel Minor is great for many reasons: The investment program is thorough, the game is attractive and the audience is enthusiastic. Not to mention, the tournament also introduces many new exciting tactics.

Here are some interesting heroes that appeared at Bukovel Minor.


Many people gave up on this hero after 7.23, but it seems that was a wrong decision. Outworld Devourer is the hero that can be picked mid depending on the situation in this meta. OD wins 6 games in all 6 appearances. Almost how the hero plays has not changed much.

OD still wants to stack creeps and deal massive damage with Sanity’s Eclipse. However, with the help of early Aghanim’s Scepter, the game plan is now easier to deploy. When the two objects are locked up, he has more mana to allow burst burst damage continuously.

And yet, with the agility (and limited mana) of Agility heroes appearing regularly, it’s easy to see why Outworld Devourer is so popular in the pro scene. However, the success of OD has not been proven in pubs. However, now that everyone has more information to use, OD will definitely be back in the pub soon.


Lancer also didn’t get much attention before, but pro players rated him highly. 10 games with an 80% win rate are great results.

This hero is also very strong in pubs, with a 52% win rate at the highest rank, reaching a pick rate of more than 20%. Phantom Lancer consistently wins more than loses, showing that this hero is completely worth playing.

One major difference between pro and pub is that Hood of Defiance has a higher frequency of professional appearances. Of course, Manta Style + Diffusal Blade is a must-have item, but Lancer is often hunted by enemy teams early in the game. Therefore, Hood of Defiance solves many problems of survival.

This item also allows heroes to participate in ganking early, not really pioneering, but only at the ‘vault trough’. It is very difficult to win Dota game in the current meta and only use a hero specializing in carry. If you build the Hood, you’ll win more games.


Lich is back and the biggest cause is due to the hand carry carry. After the patch full of cores dealing all kinds of damage (spells, physical), the game has now returned to the tradition: heroes like Razor, Templar Assassin and Phantom Lancer appear quite often in pubs and professional arenas. . That means Frost Shield, Lich’s strongest ability, is again useful.

Lich has many ways to build depending on the new situation, focusing entirely on damage at the beginning of the game. Sinister Gaze is still one of the weak disables in the game and players like Kuroky completely ignore this ability to focus on damage, using other things to assist.

The mana – damage ratio of Lich is quite good, if the first two moves are maximized. In addition, Frost Blast has a very short cooldown and deals lots of damage, allowing Lich to be much stronger if well positioned. Without using mana and raising points for Sinister Gaze, Lich can become a very strong active support. However, you need to be careful when going in this direction, especially when the enemy hero has high mobility or the team lacks disables. It is better to disable weak rather than without disable.


Elder Titan hasn’t changed much in the new patch, but this hero is now used more. The reason is simple: the agility core fighters hate to confront the aura of Elder Titan.

Many people know that ET’s Aura has two separate parts. Physical armor is only emitted from the ET itself, while magic resistance comes from Astral Spirit. This means, if you want to maximize the benefits of aura, support needs to be a pioneer, standing near the opponent’s carry. That often makes gamers afraid to choose this hero: obviously the support survival rate of the pioneer support is quite low.

However, many people really despise the reduction of ET magic resistance, although it is safer. Of course, eliminating physical armor is an undisputed advantage, but it’s rarely used, especially in the later stages of the game. But magic resist now has a place in the current meta, and Agility carries don’t have much health. At worst, it forces the opponent to turn on BKB. And in the best case, it helps you gank successfully greedy opponents, without having to risk much.


Bukovel is a great opening for the next Major: we have a fantastic performance from the losing king, then incredible plays, not to mention the meta continued to be developed in the last tournament.

The situation of Dota 2 is quite good when it comes to balance. Let’s wait and see how the teams will adapt in the upcoming DreamLeague tournament.

According to Dotabuff

Ninh Tran

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