The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimp still thinks of herself - Photo 1.

The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimpanzee thought he was a human

Lucy is the clearest evidence that shows how a wild animal will be different in two habitats: being in nature and being raised in human society. The conundrum has confused the leading scientists, eminent philosophers from ancient times to now; it is a problem of biology, animal behavioral science, genetics and anthropology.

The most obvious object of study is probably primates, who have relatives with humans: how will they adapt in the modern world? Questioning for many years, then history has given us a thousand-year opportunity to have one.

Chimpanzees are intelligent, just like humans and different people; They share similarities in anatomy and cognitive processes, but there are basic concepts that only people understand. For many years, observing chimpanzees has given people a lot of understanding of how intelligent animals understand language, solving simple problems.

The breakthrough appears with the chimp named Lucy. She was born in 1964, brought by researchers from a chimp circus in Florida. From the early days, people separated Lucy from her mother, a fateful journey that led Lucy to the Primate Research Institute in Oklahoma, USA.

Lucy was the subject of many different aspects, but things changed when the famous psychologist, Maurice Temerlin and Jane, his wife adopted Lucy. They wanted to see it firsthand, to see how much a chimpanzee could look like. They considered Lucy Temerlin the little girl in the house.

Lucy and psychologist Maurice Temerlin.p

Lucy was wrapped in diapers so as not to defecate indiscriminately, given toys to be relieved at sadness, to sleep in a real-life crib. Small chimpanzees are taught how to use knife and fork when eating, to taste cooked items on the dining table with adoptive parents. As time passed, Lucy gradually changed and became sharper; In a way, Lucy was growing up, more or less a person.

The chimpanzee began to learn how to dress well with a hat and skirt, knew how to look in the mirror. In his spare time, he sat reading "magazines": flip through the pages full of pictures, though Lucy didn't know the words or understand what those images meant, but it still took that pleasure.

When Lucy reached the age of teenage, the outbursts of adolescence began to exist. Lucy began to enjoy gin, without the adult watching Lucy would not hesitate to drop the door, then get drunk. He is responsible for taking care of a cat, and often plays with cats like the way people do. The Temerlin family was worried, when they understood Lucy was still an animal, not sure if Lucy was considering eating her pets.

The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimp still thinks of herself - Photo 3.

Roger Fouts, an expert in primates, was an essential part of Lucy's development. From 1974 onwards, five years after Lucy was adopted by the Temerlin family, Fouts taught Lucy sign language and, thanks to the pleasant life in modern society, Lucy's language ability improved more than her peers. It is in other captive conditions. Lucy learned a total of 250 techniques in all.

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding Lucy really understanding the language and being able to really communicate, or its actions simply mimicking human behavior, thanks to affluent living conditions and trials. Effective Pavlov experience. But one thing can be affirmed: Lucy knows to show affection, empathy to close people, a higher rank than wild chimpanzees. He knew how to comfort his adoptive mother when he noticed that Jane Temerlin was sad, with cuddles or cuddles.

As an inevitable part of growing up, Lucy showed signs of excitement when reading the Playgirl magazine for women. This shows that Lucy has considered humans as potential partners, since ever since she had a little understanding, Lucy had never seen her kind. Realizing this, the Temerlin family took Lucy to "watch the eyes", meeting their fellow men.

The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimp still thinks of herself - Photo 4.

The meeting was really disastrous. Lucy was terribly afraid of co-chimp. Apparently it was familiar with human form, so it was panicked when communicating with the same type.

Lucy's life deteriorated, when the chimp began to listen. It becomes more aggressive, flushing out anger by smashing furniture or ripping clothes. There is irrefutable evidence that Lucy falls in love with her adoptive parents, but she herself has difficult problems to describe in words: Lucy's life is very different, the differences of city appear. Great made an animal of wild origin make Lucy angry and uncomfortable with reality.

Using sign language, Lucy signaled to Fouts that it felt "painful". Lucy showed signs of depression, now 12 years old, walking a fifth of the chimp's common life.

The Temerlin family chose the easiest way to deal with them: return Lucy to the wilderness, so that it could have a normal life like any other chimpanzee. Lucy was taken to the chimp recovery center in Gambia, where she was taken care of by the dedicated hands of Janis Carter, a graduate student in psychology.

The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimp still thinks of herself - Photo 5.

In 1977, Janis Carter was the escort of Lucy and another chimp to West Africa, bringing it to the natural environment, where chimpanzees could live with herds. The job of a graduate student is to stay long enough for the animals to get used to the new life, but things are harder than she thought. Lucy had lived with people almost from the moment she was born, growing up with people, perhaps thinking she was a real child, it was hard to adapt to the wild life.

Ms. Carter must instruct the chimpanzee to be a food, guide Lucy into the forest to show it how to find food and communicate in chimpanzees – the sign language it learned was useless here, and Lucy It is impossible to teach the same language.

By 1985, the incident happened: Janis Carter was attacked by a chimp named Dash, who had to escape to the water to swim to safety. She realized that she had lost the role of the leader on the chimp island, soon to leave to ensure her own safety.

A year later, Mrs. Carter returned to the island with Lucy's personal belongings. It and a small group of chimpanzees greeted her. Lucy hugged Carter, then returned to the piano and turned her head away. Ms. Carter understood that Lucy had adapted to the difficult life of chimpanzee island.

Another year passed after this time, Miss Carter once again visited Lucy when she discovered the body of the ill-fated chimp, assuming Lucy was poached: Lucy's bones lacked one hand, her head has left the body, does not see hair and skin anywhere. That was the speculation, yet to confirm why Lucy died. The most special chimpanzee in the history of the species has encountered an endless end.

The heartbreaking story about Lucy, the chimp still thinks of herself - Photo 6.

Animal experiments of the 1970s were indeed different and posed many questions: the Temerlin family, many scholars and other researchers seemed to be too naive and irresponsible to take care of Lucy. Finally, Lucy is still an animal, placed at the intersection of two worlds – modern life and wild environment; he thought he was a man, though it would never be honest, but Lucy herself was no longer merely a chimp.

A Tarzan is a real life in the middle of a concrete forest, a gear that does not fit in a hole in the machine. Not too much to say: Lucy lived a solitary life on Earth.

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