The health benefits of tomatoes

The health benefits of tomatoes

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O tomato it is a fruit originating in Central and South America that has spread throughout the world since the first decades of European conquest in the New World. The tomato species initially popularized was yellow and not red as we know it today. Over time, tomatoes have become one of the main ingredients in Western cuisine, but their health benefits are still largely overlooked.

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Benefits of tomato

Tomato is the richest food in lycopene, a carotenoid substance that has antioxidant properties and therefore helps to prevent aging. In addition, tomatoes are also linked to maintaining good levels of brain activity throughout life, protection against bacterial infections and reduction of inflammatory conditions.

Tomatoes can also be used for aesthetic treatments. Apply a tomato mask helps fight acne. To prepare it, beat a very ripe tomato and mix it with a tablespoon of plain yogurt to make it thicker. Rub it on your face and let the product act for about 20 minutes. Tomato consumption has also been linked to dandruff and hair loss control.

Tomato and prostate cancer

THE prevention of prostate cancer it is perhaps the best-known health benefit of tomatoes. This relationship is not yet fully proven, but there are many scientific indications that point in this direction. In addition to prostate tumors, tomatoes have been linked to the prevention of cancer of the pancreas and uterus.

Does tomato fatten?

The tomato do not gain weight. On the contrary, in balanced diets, it can be inserted to aid in weight loss. Tomatoes are low in calories and low in sugar and fat, which are practically non-existent.

Nutritional value of tomatoes

A medium-sized tomato has 25 calories. On the other hand, this fruit is low in vitamins and minerals. The exception is vitamin C, present in more generous amounts. In addition, tomatoes can be considered a food free of saturated fats, one of the biggest villains of food.

Types of tomatoes: do they all have the same benefits?

Yes, the various types of tomatoes that exist do not differ significantly in terms of nutritional value and health benefits. The big difference between them is in shape and flavor, which determines which type is best for juices, sauces and raw consumption.


One of the main studies on the relationship between tomato consumption and prostate cancer recommends eating 10 servings of tomatoes per week to ensure the preventive effects. Therefore, consumption in these proportions is more than enough to guarantee the benefits of tomatoes. In addition, the ideal is to consume the cooked fruit as the heat increases the release of lycopene, the main component of tomatoes.

Recipes with tomato

Tomatoes in the oven

This recipe is vegetarian and of low to medium complexity. It can serve as a starter or side dish for a meat or chicken. See how to do it here.

Tomato Chutney

Made with cherry tomatoes, this chutney can be used as an accompaniment to pasta or as a base for other sauces, for example. See the recipe here.

Tomato detox juice

This recipe for detox juice, in addition to tomatoes and water, takes cabbage, carrots and lemon. See what the proportions are here.

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