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The guardian pushed the ambulance into the field


PortugalPlayers Braga and Porto assisted in pushing the ambulance out of the slippery water, in the Portugal Cup semi-finals on the evening of February 10.

In the 71st minute, an ambulance brought Braga defender David Carmo seriously injured to the hospital. But, the car was stuck on wet grass and could not leave the field. Five Braga players and Porto midfielder Pepe rushed to push the car together. A Braga reserve player also ran into the support field. After only a few seconds, the car rolled as usual.

The actions of the two-team players are admired on social networks. IN Twitter, account OsimpamSportsGH Comment: “Unity is strength”. On Reddit, accounts Dismal-Philosopher-4 wrote: “I know Pepe is a good person.” Still tsigalko11 praised: “Well done boys”.

The player of the two teams pushed an ambulance into the field to bring Carmo to the emergency.  Photo: EPA

The player of the two teams pushed an ambulance into the field to bring Carmo to the emergency. Image: EPA

Six minutes earlier, Carmo chased to intercept striker Luis Diaz. In an attempt to stop Diaz from kicking, Carmo was stomped on by Diaz’s ankle. Players on both sides panicked and immediately called for medical attention. An ambulance was also waiting to take Carmo straight to the hospital. After the impact of the VAR, the referee drew a red card directly to Diaz, although the striker did not intentionally cause Carmo injury.

Carmo – the player in Liverpool’s sights – will be out for four months, but he still posted Instagram to reassure fans: “I overcame many difficulties, and this injury is only a small obstacle. The past has turned me into a warrior”.

This match Porto took the lead in the ninth minute thanks to Iranian striker Mehdi Taremi. But, the host Braga equalized 1-1 in the second half thanks to Fransergio Barbosa. The two teams will kick the semi-finals on March 3.

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