The "great" models of the Honda Civic

The “great” models of the Honda Civic

Honda Civic models these years have become “masterpieces” favored by car lovers.

Honda Civic why many degrees?

The original Honda Civic has a sporty and powerful look, but has yet to satisfy car lovers. Honda Civic with the advantage of not too expensive price, high durability, powerful turbocharged engine, easy-to-find spare parts has become a favorite car model. In the world in particular and in Vietnam in general, Honda Civic is made of “amazing” versions. Honda Civic has a new bodykit or upgrade engine performance or can lift and lower …

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How does the interior of the Honda Civic change?

The exterior of the Honda Civic has been changed to a sporty style like the Honda Civic Type R version, but with a more aggressive part such as the wider body and wheel arches. Carbon fiber material is also used to upgrade the exterior quality and help reduce the vehicle weight. Details using carbon fiber such as hood, windshield, wings, hood …

The vehicle uses a BBS LM wheel set with a large diameter multi-spoke design. The suspension system of the original Civic is replaced with a gas fork to help the ability to lift and lower the chassis flexibly adjusted. The car owner can kill the undercarriage or raise it via remote control or software on the smartphone to make the “masterpiece” Civic look cooler.

The interior of the Honda Civic has also been modified to increase the sportiness with carbon fiber interior details, seats and steering wheel according to the racing design. The sound system is also adjusted, a 360-degree camera is also installed to observe around the car. The i-VTEC Turbo 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is modified using Hondata FlashPro ECU to calibrate to increase the capacity to 230 horsepower. In addition, for more stability when cornering, the Ultra Racing stabilizer bar is added. The price of this Honda Civic is priced at over 1,199 billion dong.

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Mugen also released a bodykit version not only to change the aerodynamic ability but also to bring a tough look. The grille was changed to a large octagon instead of the original. The rear of the car is fitted with a large spoiler and dual exhaust for maximum support for the car’s turbocharger. Lazang upgraded to a large 20-inch multi-spoke rim. The interior is replaced with sport cladding panels such as steering wheel and taplo with Alcantara leather. The car uses a racing seat to help hug the driver. The engine is upgraded to a capacity of 306 horsepower, 400 Nm of torque.

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