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The graceful years of the 80s! SUZUKI “KATANA” family

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The heyday of Japanese car models—the well-known cars of the 1980s. Nowadays, there is a wave of “explosion”. Although they are not as rare as the famous cars of the 1970s, it is time to get these cars at a normal and reasonable price. But there is not much left; what we will introduce this time is the current situation of SUZUKI’s old KATANA standing at the top of the motorcycle design pyramid in the 1980s.

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Original reference: The glory days of the 80s! SUZUKI “KATANA” family

※The prices of all vehicles mentioned in this article are the prices of various Japanese car dealers dealing in used car sales in June 2020 (relevant photos provided: GooBike).

This appearance is valuable even if it doesn’t move

Taking the Japanese sword as the design theme, the model designed by German Target Design plus the GSX1100E as the prototype body. Although the details are very novel, such as separate grips and unique windshields, etc., the biggest selling point of KATANA is its sleek shape.

At first, the overseas version launched 1100 (some of them are 1000 and 750), while the Japanese version only launched 750. The 1100 was imported back to Japan from abroad. The price is about three times that of the Japanese version 750, ranging from 160 to 180. The price of ten thousand yen is circulating in the market.

SUZUKI launched the Japanese version 1100 in 1994, equipped with a power assist clutch and a rear shock absorber with a cylinder. Until the final version was launched in 2000, its appearance was not too big. change.

【SUZUKI GSX1100S KATANA】■Air-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder DOHC 4 valves, 1,074cc, 111ps/8,500rpm, 9.8kg-m/6,500rpm ■232kg (dry weight) ■F=3.50-19, R=4.50 -17 ※The above specifications are 1982 data.

The Japanese version 750 is the third-generation version, which uses hidden headlights and a square steel tube frame. The 16-inch front wheel frame is also a major feature.

In addition to the competitor of the protagonist of the motorcycle manga “Speed ​​Rider”-San Hideyoshi’s car is the GSX750S, the protagonist of the manga “Storm Rider” is also riding a 1100 Katana.

The number of 1100 is quite astonishing because of the constant re-launch. Except for the commemorative edition, which is a quasi-national treasure, the other editions can basically be classified as cultural heritage that can still be obtained. However, the price of 750 has also been increasing recently, especially for rare models, and sometimes the price of second-hand cars exceeds 1 million yen.

GSX1100S KATANA characteristics of various years

1. The first generation: the fastest flagship car in the world

SUZUKI will directly market the concept car that was displayed at the Cologne International Motor Show in Germany. Take the GSX1100E as the prototype, plus a chassis with the ANDF system (Anti Nose Dive Forks), and equipped with an engine that increases the horsepower from 105ps to 111ps. After the second year, the accessories of various parts were changed, new colors were introduced, and the completion of the whole car was improved. Although styling is the priority, SUZUKI did not give up its function.

1982 SUZUKI GSX1100S [SZ]。

1983 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SD]。

1984 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SE]。

There is also a special edition for the game

The spokes rim version and the 1,000cc version considered as SP RACE have only been on sale for two years. The 1100 was launched in Australia and other places, and the 1000 was launched in North America.

1982 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SYZ]。

1982~1983 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SZ/SD]。

2. Re-enacted version: continue to sell well, re-enacted several times

Because of the trend of importing overseas versions back to Japan, SUZUKI has released SAE that reproduces the atmosphere of the first generation of SZ, red SBE exclusively designed by Japanese distributors, and SUZUKI 70th Anniversary Edition SL. The SL is actually completely It can be said that it is a model dedicated to the Japanese market. The basic specifications remain unchanged.

1987 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SAE].

1987 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SBE]。

1990 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SL] ’92[SSL]。

3. An improved version of the Japanese version

Horsepower changed from 111ps to 95ps.

With the lifting of the 750c.c. domestic displacement restriction in Japan, SUZUKI launched a Japanese version equipped with modern equipment. The NDF is abolished, and a rear shock absorber equipped with a power assist clutch and a cylinder is adopted.

1994 SUZUKI GSX1100S[SR]。

The ideal version of the car that strengthens its weaknesses

At that time, it was priced at 990,000 yen in Japan, with a limited edition of 1,100. The tires were changed to tubeless to improve the performance of the braking device, increase the strength of the frame and overcome weaknesses, and finally succeeded in achieving the riding performance that the final version should have.

2000 SUZUKI GSX1100S [SY]。

What is the market for second-hand KATANA in Japan? Please see the next page!


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