The Golden Rooster opening Yongmei hosted a slow half-time, Bailu Qiwei and Qi Wei were on the same stage, and Tang Yixin became the best in the audience
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The Golden Rooster opening Yongmei hosted a slow half-time, Bailu Qiwei and Qi Wei were on the same stage, and Tang Yixin became the best in the audience

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On the evening of November 25th, the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards kicked off in Xiamen. Stars participating in the opening ceremony include Jackie Chan, Deng Chao, Du Jiang, Shen Teng, Qi Wei, Liu Yuning, Bai Lu, etc., also officially kicked off the Golden Rooster awards.

This year’s Golden Rooster has a “light up” session. This ceremony was hosted by Wang Jingchun and Yongmei, who won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor and Actress last year. Wang Jingchun first expressed his gratitude for winning the Golden Rooster last year. Yongmei in a golden evening dress is also dignified.

But when Yongmei spoke her lines, she suddenly slowed down by half a beat. He was obviously not on the same frequency as Wang Jingchun. Yongmei’s pressure was very low, which made the on-site hearing experience not very good, and she deliberately slowed it down. The speed of her speech also made people feel uncomfortable, causing Wang Jinglin to stare at Yongmei.

Qi Wei, Bailu, Zhang Jiani and Jinsha sang three songs on the same stage. Zhang Jiani appeared in a yellow cheongsam. Zhang Jiani with a slender waist has an advantage in this outfit. His waist is much thinner than the sands on the side, and Zhang Jiani’s The matte makeup is also much better than the “greasy” sands.

Everyone knows that they are most afraid of this kind of comparison in the same frame. Who is better and who is worse is too obvious. The state of Sands is not as good as Zhang Jiani and only loses in body and makeup, but Bai Lu and Qi Wei are on the same stage. Who is “foreign” standing up and down.

Bai Lu wore a pink cheongsam, the makeup color was also brighter, and the greasy bangs on the forehead made Bai Lu’s overall shape more rustic, but the worst thing was that the one standing beside her was Qi Wei. White and western style is Qi Wei’s consistent style. Qi Wei did not wear a cheongsam that night, but instead wore a patent leather + improved Chinese Tang suit. The green jacket made Qi Wei whiter and more fashionable.

The painting style of Bailu and Qi Wei station together has become two completely different tastes. The earth is more earthy and the foreign is more foreign. It is a pity that Bailu has just become popular, and I did not expect to be PKed only once on the same stage. Scum.

The actor’s state is not all very good. For example, Liu Yuning, the live performance is okay, but the big brother’s big eye bags are too eye-catching. It can be so obvious from the lens far away. If you push the lens forward, this fatigue It will definitely be more obvious.

Zhou Shen’s styling is also problematic. He wears a black shirt on the inside and a white blouse on the outside. Although it looks very elegant, his style of putting on shoulders and wearing it gives people an awkward feeling. , Not festive enough. But fortunately, Zhou Shen’s singing is okay, and the live singing without echo and reverberation is also good.

Du Jiang is more upright. A set of western-style flat heads makes Du Jiang look righteous, and he deserves to be the hero of CCTV’s favorite military drama.

Brother Jackie Chan also arrived at the scene. When the host interviewed him, Jackie Chan’s face was full of vicissitudes in close view, his hair was sparse, and his brother was still old, which made people a little embarrassed.

The best performer in the audience is Tang Yixin. Tang Yixin, who was promoted to be a mother, has a happy smile on his face, and his face is still firm and full. It seems that Tang Yixin has not affected his state due to production, and is even better than before.

Even the figure recovered as before, thin to reveal her sexy collarbone, and the water-green evening dress made her look like a fairy.

The opening ceremony ended in a lively and festive atmosphere, but this was the beginning of the Golden Rooster awards. In the next few days, the 2020 Golden Rooster Awards for best actor and actress, screenwriter, director and other awards Both will be announced, let us wait and see.


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