“The God of High School” Review

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Synopsis The self-proclaimed strongest high school student “Jin Mori”.His life is transformed by being invited to the “God of High School,” a tournament that decides the strongest high school students.Quote-Wikipedia

  1. This is a patchwork anime!

    1. Baki?
    2. Ton ton beat
    3. Hmm?
    4. wedding
    5. key
    6. Lu Bu www
    7. ???
  2. General comment: Baki the Grappler dress, Jojo, Shaman King, NARUTO anime

    1. Personal impression: In a sense, it’s amazing

This is a patchwork anime!

The original is a Korean manga work.
In Japan, it is translated into Japanese and distributed in LINE manga.
Directed by Park, produced by MAPPA


Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 1 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

Episode 1, The God of High School, a tournament to decide the strongest high school students
It starts before the event.The main character is also the strongest high school student, like catching up with a motorcycle by bicycle
Has ridiculous physical ability
Besides him, people with strong habits gather from all over the country.

The quality of the drawing is very high because it is produced by MAPPA.
It’s just a scene where the hero is chasing a snatcher
The escape drama that moves smoothly while sandwiching the comical drawing is simply interesting to watch.

If the God of High School wins, whatever wishes they want will come true. It is the power of God.
As a glue, it is like a “Baki” underground arena,
There is no time limit in different types of martial arts, and there are weapons, so anything is more ant than the underground arena.
Moreover, the players are infused with “nanomachines” and heal any wounds (laughs).

The nanomachine displays the level for each character in an easy-to-understand manner.
Combined with speedy development and MAPPA drawing
It strengthens the expectation that “interesting” animation will start.

Ton ton beat

Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 3 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

However, because there are many main characters, sub characters, and mobs in vain.
It’s been messed up from the beginning.
Mobs will be the main characters even when the God of High School game begins
It doesn’t concentrate on what you want it to show, such as being able to do it in an instant, or the battle between the pop-out character and the main character starting.

It may be said that the tempo is too good.
Because the match I want to watch carefully is drawn crisply,
The development changes while blinking, and it feels like the game is over.
Flashback scenes often appear suddenly, which is common in this kind of animation.
If you do not concentrate, you will be able to develop.

To help the character that the hero embraced even though it was a heterogeneous martial arts battle
It’s hard to keep up with the behavior of “emotion” -priority characters, such as suddenly intruding.
Every character is acting before thinking.Enemy characters are based on the rules
The sympathetic hero breaks in even though he is fighting without any problems.

Dig deep into the character,
In the extreme, rather than fascinating in a solid story
It’s like I’ve drawn everything with “Nori”, the words are bad, but it’s like Baki only on the upper side
I can’t wipe that impression.
Because the battle scene moves very well, it can be said that it is exciting the glue.
Somewhere from the first episode, the feeling that I can’t keep up with this work is born.

Characters that look like the main character often leave easily,
Characters also tend to be disposable.
At the beginning of each episode, he was a member of parliament who seemed to be planning something.
It ’s a religion, or the existence of a big creature that I do n’t understand.
It’s a lot of mess.

Even though it has a world view and characters like the Korean version of Baki, it doesn’t show it properly.


Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 3 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

The heroine of this work uses a sword. Participating in competitions for the survival of my father’s school
He has a strong attachment to his own wooden sword and fights with swordsmanship.Such a heroine
The game is drawn as the main in episode 3, but I fight and win without using a wooden sword (laugh)
There is a contradiction that it is clearly stronger to fight without using a sword than a wooden sword.
I honestly don’t understand the meaning.

Is one of the main players no longer a “martial art” but an ability battler?
I may give something like this, so I may not think deeply,
The more you talk about it, the more you can see that everything is drawn with glue.

The protagonist is also made to eat something like “Devil Fruit” by a member of parliament who is a mastermind and a mastermind.
Did you think it was Baki? Unfortunately, it was a dress!But just to say
I think it’s a story that doesn’t make sense, but it’s a strange and strange adventure.
I don’t think it makes sense to anyone who hasn’t seen the main story,
I haven’t said anything wrong.

Something like a stand comes out (laughs)
Wherever martial arts are, a stand like a god of death appears and attacks the hero.
It’s so sloppy, I hope you set the direction of the story
My head is agitated by the story development that is progressing only with a slurp.

By the way, at the time of episode 4, the qualifying tournament has advanced to the best four.
It’s progressing so much that I wonder when it went that far,
If you think about it, you lose.


Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 4 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

The character who suddenly appears falls in love with the heroine at first sight, proposes and gets married.
If you dig in, you lose, this work goes on with a slapstick.
I sometimes see the development of love at first sight and proposal in anime and manga,
This work is the only heroine that accepts it easily (laughs).
Although it is a computational marriage for the reconstruction of the school, it is too abrupt to keep up.

After all, the heroine did not marry itself to persuade the hero’s emotions
Participate in the tournament again and lose easily.
Looking at the results, in other words, the reconstruction of the school has come true if you were married.
The story only really progresses and the characters do not act.

There seems to be something like a mystery hidden in the heroine school, but
What was more like a stand in the previous story than the heroine’s marriage and school?
What was the devil fruit that the hero ate?
I want you to dig down, but it remains a mystery without digging in at all.

Only the problems of characters that don’t matter and past recollections are drawn,
As a viewer, I can’t help but be worried about the mystery stand.
Even though the stand is out, I can not get excited even if I can show a normal martial arts battle,
For example, when you are given a technique like Kamehameha, what kind of principle is it?
And I can’t even keep up with the glue of this work.


Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 6 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

Apparently, the purpose of running the tournament is to grow strong people and climb up
It seems that the purpose is to get a “key”.
By the way, the world seems to be over soon, and some people are planning the advent of God (laughs).
It seems that the stand is like “borrowing power”,
It seems to be a dragging thing that borrows the power of God.

I was told that I do not understand well,
Although it is a feature of this work that it is not understood even if it is explained,
The direction of the talk is shown a little in the middle stage.

However, at the same time, the number of characters will increase in large numbers.
Participants in the tournament, each with their own speculative characters and various camps will be added,
I don’t know who and what the purpose is because of too many of them.

The story gives the impression of Shaman King,
The various elements are just too mixed up,
It doesn’t organize it very much. Behind the scenes where the protagonists are fighting in the tournament,
It’s already a mess, such as standing battles with characters from organizations.
Moreover, the battle between organizations is more flashy, so it can be interesting. It’s the end of the story.

Even if the main line starts, it’s good to suddenly become a team battle,
I was shown a flashback scene of a pop-out character,
Such a character loses easily.
Did you need a “flashback scene”? There are too many characters in this work.
Characters who do not know their names fight and leave.

Lu Bu www

Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 9 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

At the end of the game, the main characters also awaken to “debt”.
Do you want power? If so, the awakening scene that will give you is a point that would normally be exciting.
But it’s just a little more laughing.
Until then, the “borrowing power” was sharks, grim reaper, kraken, etc.
Sometimes it was something abstract, an animal, or something.

When the heroine awakens to “debt”, she proclaims.
“Leverage! Yingjie Lu Bufeng first!”
It’s really Lu Bu (laughs), it’s completely different from the flow of debt until then
There will be no one who will not burst into laughter when Lu Bu comes out.

If you want to make it look heroic, you can do the same with the debt of other characters.
Although there is a sense of unity, this work ignores such a sense of unity.
By the way, the main character is a dragon.
You can only laugh at the story development with a terrible live feeling.

Even if you wake up to debt, after fighting politely in martial arts, you will fight with debt.
From the beginning, I want to fight with debt, but I lose.
The skills that friends would have learned for many years at the end of the game, such as the main character
I don’t mind using it (laughs), but if I thrust it in, I lose.

Behind the battle of the protagonists, there is also a battle over the gods between the organizations.
It’s already messed up. Various things are happening too often in various places,
The feeling of messiness is extremely high.
Since the viewpoint changes frequently, it is not possible to concentrate even on a burning development.

At the end of the game, the hero’s rival awakens to the debt of Nine-tailed fox.
My head is full of “Naruto this time?”


Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 13 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

The final battle really doesn’t make sense.
The hero struggles with a rival who has awakened to the power of the nine tails,
If you think you were having a hard time, use mysterious power to counteract all enemy attacks.
Suddenly summon a huge one and defeat it.

I want someone to explain it, but no one can explain it.
Neither the hero, his friends, nor other characters can explain the power of the hero.
In other words, I don’t understand anything (laughs)

The power balance of the character is also a mystery, and it causes inflation.
Some characters turn into monsters,
Some characters get caught up and lose their limbs, so I can’t catch up with them at the end of the game.
Even if characters appear in the first place, there are many characters like “Who is this?”
What is this really doing right now? I can’t understand the situation.

At the end of the day, a large number of gods and their genus appear.It doesn’t make sense anymore lol
It must have been a tournament to decide the strongest high school students, but on a global scale
It’s a battle for the destruction of humankind (laughs)
I would like to give praise to this work, which has expanded the world view so far in one cool,
It can be said that it was just a live feeling until the very end.

By the way, the main character will be Sun Wukong (Saiten Daisei) at the end.
The final episode, which is extremely lively, is interesting in a sense,
It’s a work that is difficult to understand enough to explain properly.
It seems to be such a C-class work that a new character appears at the very end.

General comment: Baki the Grappler dress, Jojo, Shaman King, NARUTO anime

Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 3 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

Overall, I’ve included various settings from various works.
It’s a work that seems to advance the story only with a feeling of liveliness and liveliness.
At first, I had the impression that it was a Korean version of Baki,
As the story progresses, it becomes a work that connects various works.

The drawing itself is MAPPA, so it works very nicely and well.
Especially when fighting in martial arts, the power of the battle scene is tremendous.
However, as the story goes on, such battle scenes are moving well.
I feel like “I don’t know what’s going on”
With the feathered enemy in the final episode
I would like someone to explain the battle of the main character who became Saiten Daisho.

It’s a complete waste of MAPPA.
If the drawing was not good with this, it might have been difficult to see until the end,
Because the drawing is good and you can see the battle scene,
It’s an impression that it has strangely boosted the liveliness and liveliness peculiar to this work.

It might have been interesting to organize and draw a little more, but
It was a work that the original Pakuri could be seen through and was just being pushed forward with momentum.

Personal impression: In a sense, it’s amazing

Image source: THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL From episode 10 of God of High School
© 2020 Crunchy Onigiri, LLC

It can be said that it was a tremendous work. It’s messed up.
Even if you are asked to briefly explain the story of this work,
I can’t verbalize it well (laughs)
There may be some parts that you can understand a little more if you read the original,
I don’t feel as attractive as trying to read the original.

At the beginning, I just enjoyed it, though it was a rush
The feeling that the story from the middle stage could not keep up was a terrible work.
If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look.
You can’t taste this messy storyline that is pushed out.

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