The GNA Academy soldiers were hit by missiles

The GNA Academy soldiers were hit by missiles

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                        A major casualty attack by the Libyan National Army (LNA) was aimed at the military academy of the Government of the National Agreement (GNA).

The attack on January 4, 2020 killed at least 30 people and injured more than 30 others.

According to the published image, the attack occurred when the GNA’s top military trainees were focused on preparing for training, when the rocket suddenly hit the squad.

Top GNA Academy students are famous names
The moment GNA’s soldiers were hit by missiles.

The explosion exploded, causing some to be blown away, some to escape, others to lie on the ground. The explosion created panic within the military academy of the Government of the National Agreement.

Surprisingly, according to the initial information released by GNA investigators, the weapon that carried out the attack was likely the reluctant “land-to-ground” V-600 missile of the S air defense complex. -125 Pechora.

Prior to this daring attack, the LNA forces had repeatedly used S-125 Pechora to attack GNA ground targets in Tripoli and several other areas.

It is known that before the LNA announced a land-based version of the V-600, Iran also succeeded with the program to turn the V-750 air defense missile into land-based ammunition with the designation Qaher-1.

This rocket is very much in the equipment of the Houthi armed forces in Yemen and has caused a lot of damage to the Saudi-led Arap coalition.

By optimizing the flight path to take advantage of the ideal trajectory, the range of Qaher-1 is reported to be up to 250 km compared to only 50 km when destroying air targets of the original V-750.

Especially with the new face attack feature, both the S-125 Pechora air defense system of LNA and Qaher-1 of Iran are still able to complete their inherent interception missions.

Clip of GNA’s soldiers being hit by missiles

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