The “genuine” pilot reviewed the accuracy of the game “2 million GB” Flight Simulator

While most of the brothers playing Flight Simulator only know how to fly a small propeller airplane, hovering around the city for fun, there is a pilot who uses his skills to fly a passenger plane. big size is always bro. His 320 Sim Pilot Youtube channel has just posted a series of video reviews, and at the same time instructs you how to drive the AirBus A320. In addition to his driving instructions, he also compared the accuracy and precision of the A320 in Flight Simulator with another flight simulator game, X-plane 11.

With its extensive experience, 320 Sim Pilot adjusts the aircraft’s parameters through the control panel, does not need to use handles but uses automatic control buttons and cockpit display to check the accuracy. don’t use the simplified controls, bro.

In the end, he concluded that he was very impressed with the control steps in the game as well as the in-depth research on the aircraft that Microsoft’s game development team has done. Aside from some simplified little things, about half of the video he starts to encounter things that are not realistic.

For example, if you turn the control knob to the left direction, the aircraft in the game will fly to the right, but the actual aircraft will continue to go in the indicated direction. In addition, there are some minor issues, but overall the experience is still very impressive. In addition, if you want the A320 in Flight Simulator, there is no extra charge, and the X-Plane 11 costs more money so this is also a favorite 320 Sim Pilot point.

If you want to try hard to learn how to fly a large plane, you can watch the instructional videos on Youtube channel of 320 Sim Pilot here. The videos are detailed instructions on how to drive and the use of the controls.

Source Tom’s Hardware compiled Gearvn

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