A genuine iPhone 11 has landed in Vietnam, priced at 44 million for the most terrible - Picture 1.

The genuine iPhone 11 has landed in Vietnam, priced at 44 million for the most terrible one

According to the data of the genuine retail system CellphoneS as of the end of October 31, the agent recorded the number of orders for nearly 4,800 customers interested in ordering (including more than 2,500 customers making deposits in advance) for the department. father iPhone 11 Genuine VN / A this year.

Estimated genuine iPhone deposit rate almost doubled compared to last year. The number of genuine iPhone 11 series deposits of VN / A exceeded expectations given at CellphoneS, because customers are more and more concerned about warranty and peace of mind when using genuine goods. Besides, the system also supports the purchase of the best second-hand device on the market, helping users to save on the iPhone 11 series easier.

In particular, customers who deposit in advance at CellphoneS are most interested in are iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 with the rates of 53% and 36% respectively. The most popular color option is the Midnight Green color on iPhone 11 Pro Max, Purple and Green version for iPhone 11. The ratio of piles to the capacity version is the 64GB version that dominates the iPhone 11, for With 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the 64GB and 256GB versions are quite similar.

A genuine iPhone 11 has landed in Vietnam, the price of 44 million for the most terrible - Photo 2.

The first iPhone 11 buyers in Vietnam queue first.

Quickly interview some customers who come to receive the phone early at 0h on November 1 at the CellphoneS system, the majority of people said that choosing the iPhone 11 Pro Max because the new Midnight Green color of the device is very unique and suitable. , cluster of 3 featured cameras, upgraded configuration and battery life.

A genuine iPhone 11 has landed in Vietnam, priced at 44 million for the most terrible - Picture 3.

A set of 3 genuine iPhone 11 products VN / A officially launched on CellphoneS from November 1, 2019 with capacities of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. In terms of colors, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will have 4 colors on the rough surface: Gold, Silver, Gray, Green. Particularly for iPhone 11, Apple has favored 6 youthful colors on the glass: Purple, White, Green, Yellow, Black and Red. The price of each specific product is as follows:



Price (VND) according to the storage version





iPhone 11

Purple – White – Green – Yellow – Red – Black

21,990,000 VND

23,990,000 VND

25,990,000 VND


iPhone 11 Pro

Blue – Gray – Gold – Silver

30,990,000 VND


34,990,000 VND

40,990,000 VND

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Blue – Gray – Gold – Silver

33,990,000 VND


37,990,000 VND

43,990,000 VND

From the morning of November 1, all CellphoneS stores have started to return goods to customers who have deposited as well as officially opened for sale to customers who have not yet placed orders with a gift voucher of up to 1.5 million. for the trio of iPhone 11. In the early morning hours of November 1, more than 150 handsets were delivered to users at CellphoneS.

A genuine iPhone 11 has landed in Vietnam, priced at 44 million for the most terrible - Picture 4.

Customers who pre-ordered the trio of iPhone 11s from September 11 to October 31 at CellphoneS, will receive a huge discount: Coupons up to 2.5 million depending on the model, up to 1.5 million refunds on installments via bank cards VIB and BIDV, pay 0% in installments, support for old revenue to be renewed – save up to 20 million. For customers who buy directly at CellphoneS: Offer up to 1.5 million depending on the model, 0% interest installment payment and an additional 5% off up to VND 100,000 when paying via VNPAY-QR.

CellphoneS is currently an Apple Vietnam iPhone retailer distributed by Viettel, iPhone products are genuine 12-month warranty at authorized warranty centers, in addition to a free 30-day renewal. Customers can buy directly at the store, buy online or call hotline 1800.2097 for detailed advice.

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