Messi and Ronaldo have made the competition of the century (Image: Getty)

The genius recognized by the soccer village

No. 10 Barcelona and Argentina continue to surpass CR7 to be named the best player of the decade, thereby thickening their massive trophies.

Excellent player and competition of the century

Recently, Lionel Messi has been recognized by the Federation of World Football Statistics and History (IFFHS) as the best player of the previous decade. In the poll of journalists from 150 countries around the world, El Pulga overcame his strongest rival during his digital shorts career, CR7, to rise to No. 1.

People always talk about the competition between Messi and Ronaldo, there will be many conflicting opinions that the 7 striker deserves a higher position on the list when the last 2011-2020 period he and Los Blancos touch to the pinnacle of Europe, especially the three consecutive years of winning the Cup. However, the influence that Lionel Messi has for Barcelona is undeniable.

Messi and Ronaldo have made the competition of the century (Image: Getty)

In the period from 2011-2020, Leo and his teammates in the Blaugrana colors had 6 times topped the football glory of the country, 5 Copa Del Rey championships, 4 times holding the Spanish Super Cup. with 2 titles C1. In all that fame, Messi is always the one who inspires his teammates, is the locomotive of every attack, is the endless emotion for genius dribbling situations and only that outstanding individual. to do what everyone must admire.

However, to have such an excellent M10 is in part thanks to the efforts of Ronaldo, who always tries to compete, chasing Messi in every aspect from individual titles to collectives. The two motivate each other, and they deliver indescribable spiritual value to the fans who have watched football for the past decade.

Now, when Messi is awarded the title of best player of the decade, the fans must also see that it is a worthy recognition of what this player has brought to the football industry up to now. The person who appeared and brought the top performance and the competition is considered to be of the century with CR7, it will take a long time to see two people like Messi and Ronaldo.

The person carrying the Blaugrana empire

If the 36-year-old Portuguese striker can rest assured to enjoy football in the boot-shaped country, Messi is currently burdened on the shoulder of a Barca in a difficult time with many transitions. subject. Player 10 has always acted as the inspiration for the Catalan club’s play.

Messi’s left arm must be heavy with the captain’s armband, he is the last hope for the golden generation every day, because the Blaugrana empire in the new decade does not have too much voice compared to European friends. . The prestige that the successful Spanish team once had seemed to be no longer after the 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich.

Messi is still working hard to save the Barcelona ship (Image: Getty)
Messi is still working hard to save the Barcelona ship (Image: Getty)

Not only that, Barca also showed a mismatched performance in domestic tournaments, last season they let Real Madrid rise at the most important moment, but in this season, Messi and his teammates were abandoned by Atletico. far from instability. Even worse, the Blaugrana’s insides were in chaos with all the forgotten events.

In the midst of that storm, the love that Messi won the team that contributed to his name has certainly not changed, the No. 10 player is always devoted to the club, bringing the best. At an age where many players only bring spiritual value, M10 is still diligently devoted with all the remaining enthusiasm of youth.

The new decade ahead, after all, the genius Messi is only loyal to the saying: ‘Nothing is a limit’ to continue fighting, with Barca overcoming the crisis that this club has encountered and the fans of The player will never forget the superb football of this gifted player.



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