The Gaza war and the unusual US-Israel arms sale

The Gaza war and the unusual US-Israel arms sale

Nearly a week ago Hamas, the designated terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, began killing at least 10 Israelis. The missiles were met with repeated Israeli air strikes and sparked calls for diplomatic action around the world.

The conflict between the Palestinian armed group Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel is considered the worst crisis since the nearly two-month war between Hamas-Israel in 2014.

Hamas launched intense rocket and missile attacks through the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, killing more than 10 civilians; Israel carried out repeated air strikes during Operation Guardian of the Walls, killing nearly 200 Palestinians.

A lot of diplomatic efforts were made, along with tireless activities of the United Nations and mediators, but the conflict continued to escalate, the two sides continued their fierce attacks. bounce; while Tel Aviv also plans to launch a ground operation against Hamas.

The War of Gaza and the Fall of My-Israel
Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system was at full capacity in “Operation Guardian of the Walls”

Amid escalating conflicts in the Middle East and the Gaza Strip, the administration of US President Joe Biden has approved the sale of US precision weapons worth up to $735 million to Israel, the Washington Post reports. , citing high-level sources.

“About more than 10 days ago, the Biden administration approved the sale of precision weapons to Israel for $735 million,” the newspaper reported, noting that the deal was prepared shortly before the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip worsened.

Basically, here is the JDAM set of devices, used to calibrate the ‘dumb’ bombs to reach the ability to hit the target with high accuracy. These devices are manufactured by Boeing.

According to the Washington Post, the US Congress was officially notified of the agreement on May 5, about a week before the Palestinian movement Hamas began its assault on Israeli territory.

Watch the clip of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) preparing for the ground operation in Gaza:

The article notes, the Washington government has always prioritized selling weapons to its close ally, Tel Aviv, and the US Congress has traditionally approved such agreements with Israel, but never once did a package of weapons. approved by the White House so quickly.

The article states that even some US allies have not been approved by Congress to sell weapons.

For example, both the House and Senate voted three times to block arms deals worth more than $8 billion in 2019, banning the sale of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Therefore, some Democrats this time expressed doubts about the “coincidence” of the arms sale to Israel, with the escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, especially when it happens again. just before the two sides start to attack each other.

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