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The gaming industry under the epidemic: the hidden worry behind the Spring Festival “2 billion yuan a day”

This Spring Festival brings the game industry back to the cusp again.

The game suddenly became the most-watched sector in the secondary market. Countless analysts are measuring the flow of head games. I believe many people have seen “Glory of the King” with over 2 billion on the day of the thirtieth year, and over 80 in a single month 100 million projections.

Even stand-alone and even console games have taken advantage of this trend. Many online games on Steam have reached record highs. The spot price of Fitness Fitness Adventure on Taobao is more than 1,000 yuan, almost double the original price.

Online population curve of a domestic Steam stand-alone game

“Fitness Ring Adventure” Spot Price on Taobao

“Everyone lives at home and they’re okay, the game is getting rich!” The word spread to the streets. On the fifth day of the new year, even my elder husband came to tell me to do well this year, because “your industry can definitely develop.”

But is it really that simple? At the start of the project, Grape King surveyed some game companies and learned about the actual status of some game industries.

From the perspective of the broader market, due to the “home economy” and the extension of the Spring Festival schedule, the mobile game market during the Spring Festival has indeed exploded.

According to estimates by CITIC Securities, Q1 performance growth of major game companies should be increased by at least 10%. Some people in the capital have calculated that the monthly increase of head games in the month will generally be 20% -40%. According to DT Financial Statistics, the app category that has the most rise in iOS download rankings during the Spring Festival in 2020 is games.

Inventory data from January 24th to 29th (ie New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Eve), Tencent, Netease, Lilith, Lingxi Interactive Entertainment (Ali), Perfect World, Miha Tour and Station B completely occupied Top 10 best sellers. Among them, there are 4-5 Tencent resident in the Top 10 are even more winners.

The list data are from Qimai data

The free list is not too surprising. Except for chess and card games, “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”, the top 10 occupying almost all are super casual or casual games. Products such as “Sunshine Pig Farm” claim to make money by playing games, and the popularity of puzzle answering games such as “Brain Hole Masters” and “Crazy Guess Idioms” have also confirmed the huge demand of mass users from the side.

But calm down and take a closer look. Who is making money? They are still old games that are already online and have a large number of users. And the more head products, the more you can take the biggest user bonus. A game company COO stated that during the Spring Festival, their product data only experienced a slight increase, “all were eaten by the king and chicken.”

So what about small and medium game companies? This leads to the second situation of the epidemic: working from home and the corresponding negative impact.

According to Grape King’s survey, except for large companies such as Tencent, Netease, and Giant that only started on the 10th (of course, I guess there will still be project teams on standby), most game companies require everyone to be on February 3-February 9 work from home.

Tencent’s resumption of work after the Spring Festival

What is the impact of working from home? Soul World CEO Liu Zhe said that the main difficulty lies in management, such as how to communicate needs and how to accept them. Looking at their team size of about 40 people, the work efficiency can reach about 70% of the normal. “About 30% of people went to the company to get a computer, and 10% took leave.”

In order to solve the problems of communication and coordination, project management and office tools, game companies have their own tricks. For example, Qingguo Ling sent a technician to the company to set up a remote control desktop for colleagues in need, so that everyone can use the computer at home to control the company’s computer; and the founder of the game company directly loaded the company’s computer and sent it In the hands of a colleague who has no computer at home …

In terms of the market, the epidemic has also affected the brand marketing rhythm of most game companies. Many market personnel have told Grape King that the project at hand needs to be postponed, and no one is willing to bear the crime of “making trouble in the country”.

Even more difficult is personnel management. How can I ensure the physical and mental health of my returning colleagues after I resume work? How to recruit? What to do if a colleague is infected? Many personnel should have no experience in dealing with it, and most companies do not have sufficient protection conditions.

Some contents of the Hero Mutual Entertainment Resumption Notice for reference

A CEO of a leading company believes that if construction is not started for a long period of time, “the (big factory) earns more money and the negative impact on the entire industry cannot be sustained. Development is not at work, business activities stop, investment stops, many new The project cannot be carried out, and it is almost a fatal blow to small and medium-sized companies, especially development. This is called the Zhumen wine, and the road has frozen bones. “

Finally, the gaming industry is not an island, we are still in a macroeconomic environment.

Extended holidays and home office have a great impact on the supply chain and offline operations. These are the two obstacles that most physical industries cannot get around. Catering, tourism, film and television, mobile phones … Many industries have been hit. The simplest reason is, if most people can’t make money, how can everyone charge the game?

The capital situation is also not optimistic. Less than 15 minutes after the market opened today, 70% of A shares had their daily limit. As of today’s close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes have plummeted by about 8%. Even the game companies that are highly sought after by capital, many of them have fallen by more than 5%, or even close to 10%.

In addition, due to the epidemic, it is difficult for investors and entrepreneurs to ignore risks in the short term and meet offline to meet each other; even if the initial progress is smooth, the other party will delay the time for offline due diligence. Many game companies’ cash reserves and cash flows are already stretched, but now they will face greater challenges.

Many people speculate that in addition to the extension of holidays, the approval of version numbers may be postponed. For game companies whose core games are not yet online, this is even worse.


In the face of the epidemic, compared with most industries, the gaming industry is indeed a lucky one, but it is not as prosperous as everyone thinks, and there are many hidden concerns. Only when the epidemic situation improves will the industry really be back on track.

The good news is that the gaming industry is also contributing its own strength. Many game companies took the lead in donating money and materials to the epidemic area; some companies told Grape King that they were going to add virus-related knowledge in the game; and some people called in group chats, everyone can make more science-based small game.

At the beginning of the 1920s, everyone had a more difficult start. But it is difficult to pass the level, the player is best at passing the level. Grape King will also continue to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic and related countermeasures in the gaming industry. I believe that the epidemic will be brought under control as soon as possible. I also hope that the virus will fade away as soon as possible and that everyone will be safe and never have a disaster.

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