The gamer called for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 to crash

A gamer called the sky because the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 had an error - Photo 1.

The first day of playing Red Dead 2 went pretty well, so I wasn't too concerned about reports of performance issues on the internet. But those issues currently dominate social networking sites. Some gamers reported that the game froze when they first came to Valentine. The sound is distorted and when I try to play it officially this happens to me quite often. Others report bugs like frequent freezes, lost textures and countless other small bugs.

Reddit and YouTube tend to amplify issues on any game's release date, but once my colleagues started having bugs playing Read Dead 2, I was really nervous. Harry Shepherd says the game will close every 30 seconds even though he is using AMD RX 480 and Intel i5-6500 cards, both of which meet minimum system requirements. I also noticed a slight choppy frame rate, even with the RTX 2080 and i9-9900K (even more when using the Vulkan API compared to DX12), every half an hour.

Hardware editor Jarred Walton is another victim of these errors. As he was in-depth research on RDR2, he understood where the problems were, saying that the slow CPU was getting worse

"With the i7-8700K and RTX 2080 Ti, everything was pretty smooth in my experience. With the i5-8400 and the same RTX 2080 Ti, sometimes I get a few seconds of freezing."

Red Dead 2 is a beautiful game with extreme distance (draw distance). We know it's going to be very hardware-intensive, but when performance improves after using an app that limits the maximum CPU usage that a game is allowed, there must be something pretty good about it. happening.

No need for advanced programming knowledge or extensive hardware knowledge to be able to surmise that something in Red Dead 2 code is taking up CPU, making it unable to handle the workload. through the cores or unable to control the limits and processes of any CPU on the market.

A gamer called the sky because the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 had an error - Photo 2.

A CPU suddenly having to calculate too much will be "suffocated", unable to operate the game continuously.

Older, slower CPUs will reach that processing limit faster than "skilful" CPUs and be able to process more information, in a longer time. That explains why when I saw the game lag on i9-9900K, it was hardly noticeable and very infrequent. However, all is still theoretical. We may know the whole story in the near future.

While we expect smoother startups, especially from major developers like Rockstar, the studio has also made improvements. One update was released this morning to address issues related to antivirus software, and another update is currently addressing boot errors for some players with AMD processors.

When asked about game lag and crash, a Rockstar representative told PC Gamer: "We are aware of the ongoing issues and we have been working hard to resolve them."

We still don't know when those issues will be solved, but at the current rate, when minor bug fixes have been released, I think it won't be long.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lovely world, simulating a much slower life because of explosive action, and I can imagine PC gamers will be able to find their place. I'm eager to explore the world of RDR2, trade some furs, bury some corpses and buy some cowboy hats, but my motivation is slowly losing after every game gets collapse.

So now I have to wait until the issues of Red Dead 2 are completely resolved.

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