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The game industry is bucking the trend, is it time to get a high salary? Perfect World Master Gives Standard Answer

It’s almost May 2020
But because of the impact of the epidemic
Career change, graduates looking for work, internship
Has become not so easy
The Spring Recruitment in 2020, the scale of new jobs decreased by 49% year-on-year
HR disclosed that because the business was affected by the epidemic,
The reduction of HC in many positions has become a fact
But in the whole process, not all industries have been hit hard.

Who is recruiting in the post-epidemic era? What is the ideal industry and technical work?

All along, gaming is a seriously underestimated and rapidly growing industry. In fact, the scale of video games has exceeded the sum of the music and movie industries. Whether it is artificial intelligence, VR technology, or the upcoming 5G era, it has brought huge development space for the game industry. Very profitable industry. Recently, the PC gaming platform Steam made a net profit of 20.3 million as of March 15th, and Nintendo also announced the latest financial data. From January to March this year, Nintendo sold 13.5 billion yuan in digital games, an increase of 490% from last year Very good proof.

A new generation of video games is generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. The two star games of “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite” are also showing super ability to absorb gold. The peak downloads of Perfect World’s “Xinxiaoaojianghu” increased by 220% . Previously, Perfect World officially released its Q1 financial report for 2020. The data showed that the gaming business continued its strong momentum in the first quarter, achieving revenue of 2.108 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.69%, and a net profit of the game business of 67.33%.

The epidemic made everyone “home” at home, and life moved from offline to online. Affected by the continuous fermentation of the epidemic, whether it is live broadcast economy, online online courses, online fitness, or online retail, including games and short videos are very active. Therefore, related companies are further upgrading and optimizing, and at the same time, they are constantly recruiting talents with high salaries.

Under the “house economy”, the game industry has become a dark horse against the trend, and the direction of the game has become a popular choice for employment

A game from R & D to launch includes many links such as project planning, R & D, version change, marketing, channel launch, game operation, etc. Each link requires a lot of human and material investment.

Large companies such as Tencent, NetEase, and Perfect World can do R & D and operation as a whole, and complete all the work of the game online. Despite feelings and love, the game industry has become a popular choice for many graduates to choose a career.

From the perspective of game planning and game design, computer technology and art majors are the first choice of game companies in their careers. Therefore, the players on the list of game companies choose TOP10

Welfare at the end of the article
British master’s degree in gaming majors achieve high-paying employment
Introduction to Perfect World Education & Game Master Program at Abertay University
Live online at 18:30 on June 2
Ministry of Education accredited degree
Master taught
Industrial teaching environment
Cost-effective degree programs
Study for one year to get a master’s degree
What kind of people are suitable for entering the game industry

As a branch of the Internet industry, games are naturally infected with the habit of the Internet, and the work is full of challenges. With the rapid development of the industry, it is difficult to keep up without a heart that loves games. According to functions, the game industry is divided into: planning, research and development, art, marketing, operations, business, etc., each of which will be subdivided into many directions, the first step in the industry is likely to determine the career development in the next few decades direction.

Therefore, if you want to enter the game industry, you not only need to play many games, but also know what kind of games are fun, that is, the integration of rational factors such as professional skills and professional knowledge, and then you need to understand the positions in the game industry, and then according to your own Competence and career planning are very important.

Learn games at the world’s most “gaming university”

Talents in R & D, design and other positions related to the domestic game industry are very scarce. With a high sensitivity to the scarcity of high-end game talents, Perfect World Education has united the most talented university in the field of global game talent training-Abertay University in the UK, exclusive cooperation The Master of Game Development (MPPOP) program provides young people interested in game development with the opportunity to study at the world ’s most well-known gaming university. IELTS-free results are available. Not only can there be scholarships to supplement home use, but you can also directly take the master of the top ten schools in the UK Bachelor of Science.

Dundee City Vision

One. Top 100 famous schools, the dream starting place for game talents!

Abertay University is the first university in the world to provide a degree in computer games. It is located in the city centre of Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. It is also a pioneering and enterprising institution of higher learning. Abertay University has created a number of cutting-edge degree courses in the industry, and is well-known in the world. Among them, the game development major is particularly famous, ranking first in Europe and ninth in the world. Was included in the list of “100 Outstanding Contributions to the UK in the Last Century”.

two. Free of IELTS, there is no threshold for dreams!

MPPOP project application does not require free IELTS scores, you can apply to pass the CET-4. You can enter the school after passing the interview. The duration is 1 year and 5 months. You will study in Beijing in the first 5 months. You will be taught by an instructor from Abertay University. British teaching.

The following year will be the British semester. In the development team, students will develop games together with interdisciplinary and multinational team members. In addition to learning the creativity of Western game studios, he also specially designed propositions designed according to the hot spots in the Chinese game industry for students to choose. He is committed to integrating internationalization with local culture, advancing with each other, and bringing forth new ideas.

three. High employment rate and global mobility

Since its opening in 2017, the MPPOP project has successfully nurtured five outstanding students, and the employment rate has reached a staggering 99%! There are many well-known game manufacturers and top game studios such as Perfect World, Shanda Games, Zulong Games and Lost Soul Studio. The average annual salary reaches 20-30w +, which is much higher than the salary of other graduates of the same age. This is the case with Campbell from Tianjin. Campbell graduated from Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University. His dream is to make perfect games. Once, this dream was out of reach for him. When he graduated from undergraduate school, it was absolutely impossible for him to enter the game industry without a professional background and no project experience.

However, now he has worked for Zulong Entertainment after graduating from Abertay, and has become a professional game planner. He also has more than a dozen independently developed game works, which made his dreams come true. To achieve the possibility.

four. Join forces to create the most popular master game in the industry!

Perfect World Education United Games Major Abertay University in Europe, cooperates in the establishment of a game development professional master’s program (referred to as “MPPOP”), give full play to the advantages of both parties in industry and academia, cultivate an international vision for the industry, adapt to the industry Innovative and developing high-end talents.

The Master Program in Game Development (MPPOP) will mainly recruit Chinese undergraduate graduates. Through the five-month Chinese semester and the one-year British semester, we provide students with game development professional theory courses and professional English learning, and provide an industrialized training environment.

Students graduated with a master’s degree in game development from Abertay University in the United Kingdom. Their academic qualifications are approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. After returning to China, they can be used as high-end returnees to apply for hukou in first-tier cities.

Fifth, like-minded, with the game big brother Yilan Jinlan!

Abertay University has a graduate alumni association, a large-scale professional and social network, with more than 30,000 graduate alumni all over the world, including Blizzard, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Google Deepmind, 4J Studio, Denki, Yoyo Games, Rovio and other top international game companies. No matter where you are after graduation, the Alumni Association can continue to provide help and support to the alumni. Join an exclusive online network platform to keep in touch with your alma mater and alumni. Or you can become a tutor to direct students in school.

Some alumni:

Liam Wong Art Director, Ubisoft Montreal Studios
Liam became the youngest art director of Ubisoft within two and a half years after graduation.
Timea Tabori R Star Studio Game Engine Designer
Dave Gower Blizzard Entertainment Senior Software Engineer
Stig Petersen Technical Director of Google Deep Learning

Sixth, strong teachers, make good teachers!

All Abertay’s mentors are industry giants! International legendary game producers have passed on their own, and the project development system teaches, regardless of the teachers or the curriculum planning, with the core of industrial practical ability.

Martin Lynagh

Course supervisor, well-known game producer
representative work:
Producer of “Little Big Planet”, “Little Big Planet 2”
Producer / Program of “Metal Slug: Mobile Version”
Producer of “Speed ​​and Passion: Tokyo”
Producer of “Speed ​​and Passion: Escape”


MProf project manager, senior member of the British Higher Education Institute
One of the main creators of the first series of GTA; has designed and developed many well-known games for DMA Design / Rockstar North, Bethesda, Psygnosis, Nintendo, Sony and other game companies.
Representative works: “Grand Theft Auto”, “Grand Theft Auto 2”, “Medal of Honor”, “Harry Potter”, etc.

Lecturer at Abertay University
Expert in the field of digital art, good at art animation. Has more than 13 years of experience in commercial gaming
representative work:
Creator of Grand Theft Auto IV and Medal of Honor: Sun
Chief Designer of Angry Birds


Abertay University Game Project Research Director; Abertay University Computer and Mathematics Professor
Mainly engaged in the research work of systems biology, has a wealth of scientific research experience. Responsible for teaching “Innovation and Professional Time” courses and “Research Method” courses for Master of Game Development (MProf) students.
Previously published: “A Rationally Designed Signaling Toolkit to Support Combination Therapy and Biomarker Discovery”, “Dynamic Reprogramming of Signaling Networks-New Challenges in Cancer Treatment”, “Engineering Simulation of Cancer System Biology.”

At 18:30 on June 2, Perfect World Education teamed up with Abertay University

Online live streaming reveals the most “money” game masters in the global epidemic

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