The game circle started “grab people war”?There are still as many as 700 job vacancies in the Bytedance game

Just last week, ByteDance’s game brand “Chao Xi Guang Nian” finally launched its official website, which undoubtedly makes everyone feel full of actions in the game field in the new year of this Internet giant starting from a new short video social platform. Looking forward to. However, this new friend’s actions in the New Year did not start with the product first, but started with “hiring people.”

According to the incomplete statistics of the mobile game, on the recruitment page of Zhaoxiguangnian’s official website, there are as many as 697 job information in the recruitment process. After a cursory glance at these recruitment information, you can find that even though 2000 has been collected earlier. People, but the thirst for game talents is still strong in the light years, and this year they also plan to continue to dig deep into certain fields while actively exploring more new ground.

In addition to the light years, the mobile game has not completely sorted out the recruitment information related to “games” on the official websites of 51 game manufacturers. From these more than 7,000 recruitment information, it is not difficult to find such a signal: from the 2021 welfare competition before the Spring Festival of the Ox to now everyone is silently hiring, a new round of “grabbing battles” in the domestic game industry may It’s already started.

1. Day and evening light years continue to “grab people”: 697 social recruitment positions, half of which are R&D and operations

As of press time, among the recruiting positions displayed on Chaoxiguangnian’s official website, the three major directions of R&D technology, art design, and market operation have the largest demand, with 175, 126 and 169 respectively. The total number accounts for the total job demand. About 2/3.

In the recruitment information, there are a total of 72 positions in their studios. Excluding the educational fun-oriented positions of Guagualong, a two-byte education subsidiary of ByteDance, the remaining 70 are all three studios in Shanghai: 101, Wushuang Entertain each other with love.

Among them, Wushuang Studio is the most in demand, providing 33 positions; Next is 101 Studio, which mainly develops classic IP and MMORPG, with 30; Youai Muyu has 7 positions.

The recruitment needs of 101 and Wushuang Studio are not only similar in quantity, but also in types covering the various processes of game development. And among the 7 posts with love and mutual entertainment needs, 5 of them are in game art.

Divided by recruitment area, there are 283 positions in Beijing, accounting for about 40% of the total number of positions. There are 154 in the Shanghai area-the three self-research studios of Chaoxi Lightyear 101, Wushuang and Youai Huyu are located here, and their demand accounts for a total of 70 jobs in the Shanghai area.

In addition, Chaoxi Guangnian has 144 game-related positions in Shenzhen, 75 in Hangzhou, and 38 in Guangzhou. In addition, Chengdu has 3 positions in game advertising, short video commercialization and small game content operation.

In the part of school recruitment, ByteDance also provides 53 game-related positions for fresh graduates in the spring of 2021. The pre-creation positions for R&D + design are the most in demand, with 17 and 19 respectively.

2. Continue to dig deep into SLG, card cards, as well as the second dimension at home and abroad, and women to the market

While browsing the game-related positions of ByteDance, the author also found that they seem to have decided on several general directions to continue digging deeper: the more popular cards, SLG, and the two-dimensional and female in the vertical field to the market. .

Among them, the popular card cards and SLG tracks in the domestic market have corresponding positions in Beijing and Hangzhou, and the two positions in charge of SLG also correspond to two different overseas and domestic markets;

In contrast, card positions are much more “comprehensive”: from numerical value, to combat, to operational planning, and they are all recruited for the Hangzhou area. According to the information about mobile games, Chaoxi Guangnian’s Jiangnan studio in Hangzhou had previously been revealed that at least one medium-to-heavy game and two innovative mobile games were under development. Then we can speculate here that maybe the medium to heavy game being developed by Jiangnan Studio is a card-based mobile game.

At the same time, in the two new vertical tracks of the two-dimensional and women’s direction, the light years are also absorbing reserve talents. On the basis of the good reputation of works such as “Ragnarok RO: The Birth of a New Generation”, “The Fate of Eden”, and “The Legend of the Civet”, Chaoxi Guangnian will continue to dig deep into the two dimensions of the world and women in the future. market.

In addition, we also found several special “highlights” in Bytedance’s recruitment: First of all, we will explore the field of virtual idols in the morning and evening, and three targeted recruitment positions will be applied to our own Beijing part and Part of Shanghai transports talents related to virtual singers’ IP music games.

Secondly, there are technical talents related to UE4. There are a total of 5 R&D positions in employment, and four of them require senior/senior development talents, including the “Senior UE4 Game General Engine Development” that will be introduced to Wushuang Studio. Engineer” position.

At the same time, they are still recruiting talents for the indie game brand Pixmain, which was exposed last year. A total of 4 related positions are recruited in Shenzhen. In addition, there is also a global game operation management (Global Game Operation Management “English”) position that is also being recruited.

On the other hand, Chaoxi Guangnian did not stop the pace of overseas expansion, and Shanghai Wushuang and 101 studios still have two vacancies for Japanese supervision and planning. Operations planning positions in the general direction of Japan and South Korea are still waiting. Suitable candidates; in Shanghai and Beijing, they are still looking for planning in the direction of European and American casual games.

3. The new giant disrupts the “Shanghai Circle”, or a new round of “grabbing war” has begun

It is worth noting that, in addition to the fact that it has been determined that it will continue to increase the byte beating of the game industry this year, many domestic game companies have also not stopped their team to strengthen their footsteps. The following table is about the mobile game. According to the recruitment information on the official website of each manufacturer, the current talent demand situation of 50 domestic mobile game manufacturers is initially sorted:

According to the incomplete statistics of mobile games, in addition to byte, the demand for talents from leading companies such as Tencent, Netease, Lilith, and Ali Games is still strong. In the table, there are a total of 19 manufacturers’ recruitment positions in 3. More than digits, including Tencent, NetEase, Chaoxi Guangnian, Lilith, Ali Games, Miha Tour, Hero Interactive Entertainment, Xishanju, Music Element, Shengqu, Sanqi Game, Paper Stacking, Gigabit (Thunder Game), Youzu, Station B games, Giants,, 4399 and Kuaishou games.

Among them, Tencent’s interactive entertainment business group (IEG) alone has posted 2,378 recruitment posts on its official website, while the total number of recruitment posts in the three departments of NetEase, Leihuo, Mutual Entertainment, and Montreal has also exceeded 800, as mentioned in the previous article. The number of recruiting positions in the light years has also exceeded 600, and the number of positions for these three manufacturers has also clearly opened a gap with other manufacturers.

From the perspective of the distribution of work locations, the key areas for spring recruitment in the game industry this year are still around Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Among them, judging from the number of positions sorted out in the table, Shanghai still has the most intensive concentration of talents and manufacturers in the domestic game industry, including Lilith, Mihayou, and other new forces that have gained fame in recent years. “It has become the most powerful regional group in the domestic game industry.

However, it is worth mentioning that in addition to these “super first-tier cities”, there are also several “new first-tier cities” that are rapidly emerging, such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Xiamen. Behind these newly emerging cities, there is one or even several large factories as strong pillars. For example, Chengdu has Tencent’s Tianmei Studio, Hangzhou also has Ali Games and NetEase’s Leihuo Studio, and Suzhou is Friendship Time, in Xiamen. Established a branch, there are 4399, Mengjia Network, and three-seven games three major manufacturers.

On the other hand, from the perspective of job types, the gap between art and technology talents is obviously larger than that of other types, and then talents in planning, operation and marketing. The demand situation of different types of positions also reflects from the side that these two major parts are still the “pain points” of domestic manufacturers, but also the “demand points” of players.

Although in recent years, the focus of competition in the domestic game market has gradually returned to gameplay-driven “content boutique” as the core, but at the same time, there is still a need for technical means and expressions that can realize creativity. A “good idea” alone is needed. After all, only a few can become bigger and stronger.

The “Shanghai Circle” has always been the center of talent flow in the domestic game industry, and even attracted many talents who were originally in other cities to flow to Shanghai. And now a new giant ship such as Chaoxi Lightyear has been added, and the high degree of overlap in job demand will undoubtedly further intensify the talent competition in the Shanghai gaming circle. Or the “grabbing war” in the game circle in 2021 has already kicked off in Shanghai.

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