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The Galaxy S21 series is selling better in its home country of Korea


Although the sales are not as expected in some markets, but this year’s Galaxy S21 series trio is considered to have better sales in Korea than its predecessor. This year’s Galaxy S21 series has a starting price of about $ 200 cheaper than last year’s S20 series. In the Korean market, the price difference is even up to 230 USD, which may be a factor contributing to the Galaxy S21 selling better than its predecessor.

Specifically, according to the news site Yonhap NewsSamsung revealed that the sales of Galaxy S21 this year are up to 30% higher than last year’s Galaxy S20, in the Korean market alone and in the period from January 29 (opening date of sale) to 8 / 2. This means that the aforementioned 30% was calculated by Samsung in the early days of its flagship launch, compared with a similar time period last year’s Galaxy S20.

According to Samsung, during this period, buyers tend to choose the standard version of the Galaxy S21, accounting for 40% of buyers, followed by the Ultra with 36% of buyers and the Galaxy S21 + at the top. end at 24%. This is in contrast to other markets like Vietnam, where buyers typically choose the top-end version as well as have the largest screen.

Galaxy S21 series is selling better in its home country of Korea - Photo 2.

Contrary to the Vietnamese market, in Korea, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not the version that many users are interested in in the first sale.

Not only in the home market, in the UK market, new reports also show that the pre-order volume of the Galaxy S20 has also surpassed the previous Galaxy S10 and S20 series. Thus, contrary to initial predictions, in fact, the sales of Galaxy S21 are facing many advantages in some markets, especially in the Korean market.


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