Galaxy S20 Ultra LED View Cover case outline - The Galaxy S20 Ultra lands in America with a unique model number

The Galaxy S20 Ultra lands in America with a unique model number

After the US versions of the Galaxy S20 (SM-G981U) and the S20+ (SM-G986U), now is the time for the unique Galaxy S20 Ultra to pop its Americanized head, mentioned in the Federal Communications Commission testing procedure for the first time.

This one is denoted with the new SM-G988U model numbering, indicating that it sits highest atop the S20 family tree. The S10 5G, for instance, is SM-G977, while the S10+ is SM-G975, and the S10e is SM-G970. 
The G981 and G986 could thus be denoting 5G connectivity for the smaller members of the upcoming Samsung flagship trio as well, while the S20 Ultra is said to only come as SM-G988, thus confirming that it will be an exclusively 5G model, as previously rumored. The FCC mentioned the S20 Ultra in the first case of case approvals (see what we did there) for it, in the following form:

As you can see, the biggie S20 Ultra will have its own powered LED covers, as has become customary on Samsung’s flagship phones that will blink and flash when something is happening underneath without forcing the screen to light up. Unfortunately, the FCC is careful enough not to disclose any design cues but a general outline of the case and the positioning of the label inside it.

In addition, Samsung is going to pull an Alcantara this year, providing a unique Kvadrat wrapper for the S20 Ultra, and, perhaps, for the S20 as well, given the EF-XG985FGEGEU model number. 
The Kvadrat brand represents a Danish company behind some unique high-end fabrics and upholstery, so we can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us in terms of official Galaxy S20 family cases. Thankfully, the cases won’t cover that beautiful two-tone camera island on the back.

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