The production of Galaxy Note10 may be interrupted by the Korean-Japanese trade dispute - Photo 1.

The Galaxy Note10 production was interrupted due to commercial disputes

Expected to be launched on August 7, Samsung has now begun producing its next flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note10. However, the trade dispute between Japan and South Korea seems to have caused some problems for this process. Even, a source confirmed the production of Galaxy Note10 is interrupted.

Some sources confirmed that the production process of Galaxy Note10 may be interrupted due to a trade dispute between Japan and Korea

In an act to protest the decision from the High Court of South Korea, Japan imposed tough economic sanctions targeting the country. They target the materials used in semiconductor manufacturing and mobile screens. Currently 90% of these materials are imported from Samsung from Japan.

Local television station JTBC quoted a Samsung official as saying they had cut 10 percent of the expected Exynos chip output but added that the remaining 10 percent would be produced next month.

Galaxy Note10 will be equipped with Exynos 9825 processor. It also uses the same 7nm process as Exynos 9820 that was introduced with Galaxy S10 earlier this year. Samsung will provide Galaxy Note10 running Snapdragon 855 but only in certain markets. The fact that the Exynos variant makes up the majority of the Galaxy Note10 output makes Samsung concerned about Japan's punishment policy.

Samsung currently refuses to confirm the interruption of the Galaxy Note10 production process.

Technology experts say that trade disputes may have forced Samsung to adjust production schedules because it is likely that materials imported from Japan are not enough. Japan has limited the export of fluoride polyimide, hydrogen fluoride and see it as a measure of Korean sanctions. Japanese companies exporting these products to Korea will now have to get government approval (at least it takes 90 days to get permission) if they want to export to Korea.

Not surprisingly, the head of Samsung has just had a visit to Japan to address restrictions related to export issues. However, a solution will not be possible until both countries take a step back in this dispute.

Reference: Sammobile

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