Galaxy Note10 can play sound through the screen instead of the voice speaker - Photo 1.

The Galaxy Note10 can play sound through the screen instead of the voice speaker

Top edge where the mole selfie camera is quite thin (this indicates there will be no room for traditional speaker layout). Samsung has previously been rumored to replace voice speakers with Sound on Display technology. The chin part (the bottom edge of the screen) of the Galaxy Note10 also seems thinner than the predecessor version Galaxy Note9.

Galaxy Note10 will use audio playback technology on the screen?

These adjustments will allow the Galaxy Note10 to have a larger display without increasing the device size. Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro are expected to have 6.3-inch and 6.75-inch screens respectively. Removing the headphone jack will allow the screen to be a little longer.

In this case, Samsung will have to rely on Sound on Display technology. This is one of the methods to death "rabbit ears" that Samsung is considering. Samsung first demonstrated Sound on Display technology at Samsung OLED Forum in China last year. The company also demonstrated these OLED panels at CES 2019 in January. As expected, products with this technology will be launched by the company later this year.

Leaker @UniverseIce claims Sound on Display technology will replace voice speakers on Galaxy Note10. With this technology, vibrations from the voltage will transmit sound to the user through the screen. Samsung has deployed similar technology on Galaxy M40. However, the initial assessment of users shows that the maximum volume of the call is very low and perhaps Samsung needs to improve this further before bringing new technology to Galaxy Note10.

What does the absence of 3.5mm headphone jack mean for stereo speaker layout? Samsung can use the same solution as LG G8 (LG calls this Crystal Sound OLED technology). Specifically, the speaker at the bottom will be paired with a voltage speaker across the screen to create a dual stereo speaker system.

Of course, it all just stopped at rumors and Samsung has yet to confirm anything. Recently, it was reported that Samsung will introduce Galaxy Note10 on August 7 during an event in New York City.

Reference: Sammobile

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