The Galaxy Fold concept smartphone appears as a clamshell

The Galaxy Fold concept smartphone appears as a clamshell

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2nd generation? The Korean tech giant is expected to launch more foldable phones in the future, but the problem is not clear when.

There is a question about how the 2nd generation Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone will differ from the original model after a crash and was redesigned. Hopefully, the next generations of this phone will be foldable with a more flexible screen, it will be better and have fewer problems. This year, there will certainly be only one Samsung foldable phone coming out, but at a recent developer conference, Samsung unveiled a foldable device like a clamshell phone.

At the Samsung Developer Conference, the tech giant shared plans to expand the One UI interface, on version 2.0. There, a new foldable smartphone has also surfaced.

Of course, it's just an idea phone, so don't expect any new models to launch this year. The foldable concept device looks like a clamshell phone when it folds horizontally – unlike the first generation Galaxy Fold that folds vertically. When opened, it looks more like a Galaxy S10.

The first generation Galaxy Fold has been redesigned and so far, no major issues have been reported. The foldable concept phone is like a flip phone and you can easily put it in your pocket. The current Galaxy Fole foldable phone is still quite large, while the concept phone size is just perfect with a 6-inch screen.

In addition to One UI, Samsung is said to be working on Unified User Experience. This aims to make One UI 2 work smoothly on both interfaces, whether opened or folded. When it comes to Android 10, there's support for foldable devices but still needs a lot of customization.

Samsung also announced a render image. That's not really just a foldable phone. Even so, it would not be surprising if Samsung developed something similar. It is possible, only it will take some time to move the hinge to another position.

About the Galaxy Fold first version, Samsung took nearly half a year to re-launch Galaxy Fold after reports of screen errors. The main reason is that the folding screen of the device is incomplete and extremely easy to break, especially the protective sticker does not cover the screen of the device and users accidentally peeled it off can damage the device worth nearly 2,000 USD.


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