The future is shaping up for Yakuza and its spin-off Judgment

The page maintained by fans of the wise Yakuza, The Tojo Clan, had dropped the info a few weeks ago: the Ryu Ga Gotoku studios were working on a sequel to Judgment, the spin off of the Yakuza series. Shortly after, and coming to corroborate the claims of the Tojo Clan, SEGA announced an event called Judgment Day for May 7.

We did not even have to wait for the SEGA stream to see this new episode confirmed, since a leak from the Japanese PlayStation Store had mistakenly displayed the game a little earlier in the store… The game is called Lost Judgment, and the actor Takuya Kimura takes over his role of the former lawyer turned private detective Takayuki Yagami for this spin off which takes up the outline of a Yakuza game Kazuma Kiryu era. We will also find the characters who surrounded the private in the first episode, the tough guy Masaharu Kaito and the secretary full of surprises Saori Shirozaki for a new investigation that will take them both in good old Kamurocho, but also in Yokohama of Yakuza : Like a Dragon.

Among the novelties, we will discover elements that may suggest an Assassin’s Creed legacy, with the possibility of jumping and climbing certain buildings. A series of side quests will also take us to high school, although it’s not yet clear how this will tie into the main storyline.

Regarding Yakuza, the main series, we also learn that the next episode will remain, as for Like a Dragon, a pastiche of JRPG with turn-based combat, while Judgment will now be the series that will carry the action side of the series, with its combat system inherited from the first games of the saga.

We currently have no information regarding a release date for the successor to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, although the latter has been confirmed by Toshihiro Nagoshi in person. On the other hand, we know that the second episode of Judgment, Lost Judgment, will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but also on Xbox One and Series on September 24 in Japan, and for the first time for the series, in the rest of the world! It is asleep and already announced that it will be dubbed in English, and the French subtitles will be there!

You can find the entire SEGA Judgment Day stream below, including the first images of Lost Judgment.


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