The future Apple Watch will be equipped with a camera placed at the end of the strap? - Photo 1.

The future Apple Watch will be equipped with a camera placed at the end of the strap?

Apple is still considering ways to integrate the camera into the Apple Watch, namely attaching an image sensor to the strap of this wearable device, allowing users to use it to take pictures of their surroundings and make calls. FaceTime phone.

The Apple Watch is one of the few Apple-produced mobile devices that does not come with a camera. Although it can perform most of the basic functions of the iPhone, but taking photos alone, the Apple Watch can only be used to remotely control the iPhone's photography application, while also playing the role of viewfinder to display images. Preview photos only.

However, in a file submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Tuesday with the title "Watch band with optical sensor" (Apple watch wire with optical sensor), Apple proposed A solution to this problem: equipped with a Apple Watch strap, a camera sensor, instead of trying to insert an additional component into the body of the watch which is already full.

If you follow the common sense, the sensor will have to be placed near the body of the watch, and Apple itself has gone in that direction, but their latest patent puts the camera at the end of the strap. In a design, it is placed at the end of the longer string, which when worn on the hand, this part will lie beneath the wrist, near the top edge of the Apple Watch.

In another design, with a loop-style watch, the sensor is also placed at the end of the wire and will pass through the fixed ring at the top before folding back and attaching to the lower part of the rope. The third design will use a small part of the string, not with the wire around the wrist, and that particular part will not have the camera sensor, can attach to the other part when not in use.

With all designs, the strap can be adjusted to direct the camera to a desired position, because the rope will have sufficient flexibility to hold the camera straight. For the second and third strap designs, the strap can be arranged to form a small section just above the Apple Watch screen, containing the internal sensor, allowing it to be used in the same way. like a more conventional camera, you can even take selfie portraits.

Although the above-mentioned strap models will be equipped with a number of components to connect sensors to the Apple Watch, they may have flexible flexing cores that can be adjusted to the desired user location, like steel wire, magnetic liquid, or metal joints, for example. Depending on the layout, the strap may also include a hidden button for users to take photos without pressing the button on the Apple Watch body.

In addition, Apple's patent also offers the idea of ​​integrating more than 1 image sensor into the end of the strap, because 2 sensors will be able to be distributed on both sides of the wrist, users can transfer Switch between two sensors to make the camera shoot themselves or their surroundings while making FaceTime calls, or to take photos or videos from two angles at the same time.

Apple also has another idea of ​​using only one sensor, but placing it in a hinge that can be rotated, that is, a sensor that can be used for two purposes, or for portraits or environmental photography.

The future Apple Watch will be equipped with a camera placed at the end of the strap? - Photo 2.

Apple submits a patent application to USPTO every week, but although these records show areas of interest they may be interested in, there is no guarantee that those ideas will be brought to a product. or its service in the future.

The camera on the Apple Watch strap has been mentioned before, but usually they are placed close to the watch body instead of at the end of the strap. An example from 11/2018 shows that two sensors are placed in two parts, allowing medium selfie to take regular photos.

The expansion of the Apple Watch function through the strap has also been suggested, including the use of a series of glowing indicators mounted along the strap to provide the status of the functions. For example, Apple Watch Rings (circles that display status on the watch face) can be put on straps with multi-line designs, and they will glow depending on the user's status. day, help them not need to turn on the Apple Watch screen to check again.

Apple even thought about integrating light bulbs into a strap, with customizable colors, allowing users to personalize their style. Earlier, the company also registered many patents related to hiding components in the strap of the strap, on self-adjusting straps, and on the back of the watch body to add functionality to it.

Reference: AppleInsider

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