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The fund bought 8 years ago is 900 yuan, now 4200

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My first job in my life was spent at Gree Electric in Zhuhai. At that time, the company requested that the salary card be changed from the original Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the Agricultural Bank of China. When I changed the card, the bank manager asked me if I wanted to invest in funds, but I didn’t understand it at the time. But she drew a curve with me and talked about the benefits of various fixed investments, that is, 300 yuan is deducted from the salary card every month. At that time, she felt that there was not much money, so she agreed. At that time, there were two funds for me to choose, one was the Agricultural Bank of China Growth Fund, and the other was forgotten. I took a look at the net worth, and the agricultural growth rate is 0.96, and the other is 1.25. In line with buying, buy the lower one (a small leisure mentality ?), so I chose the agricultural growth.

After applying for the card, I resigned within three months, and the Agricultural Bank of China card was no longer needed, so I didn’t care about it. After so many years of talking about the fund, I remembered that there was this money, but I just wanted 900 yuan to go back to Zhuhai. It was too troublesome, and I guess I can’t remember the account. The bank manager didn’t know the name at the time, so I don’t think I can ask about it on the phone, I think I don’t have these hundreds of dollars.

I didn’t expect to play more stocks recently, and I also understood some financial rules. I want to understand that the fund should belong to the fund, and the bank only sells the fund on behalf of it, so if you want to check the money, you should find this fund company.So I searched the official website of this fund company tonight, and it allowed me to log in haha

A fixed investment of 300 per period, fixed for three months, a total of 900 yuan, now 4,200, I am very happy to think about it.

Also, last Sunday, Alipay suddenly received a fund management red envelope, the red envelope amount seems to be 3.18 yuan. Thinking that I haven’t played a fund with Alipay, I might be able to increase my Sesame credits after playing, so I invested 500 yuan in it. In order to choose funds, I also looked at the holdings of various funds and then looked at the stock trends. At first I wanted to buy innovative medical products, but in fact, I wanted to buy them for two or three days for fun, and then saw that a few liquors rose on Friday after the callback, so I chose the liquor fund. I want to buy 500 yuan in my account on Tuesday, and I earned 15 yuan, I feel it’s okay ?

I have made money, and I want to redeem it. Then I looked at the redemption rules. The processing fee for Ma Dan within 7 days is 1.5%, which is 7.5 yuan for 500 yuan. If you are not willing, just take it.It has risen to RMB 20 in the past two days

I feel that I have a good relationship with the fund, should I consider configuring the fund ?



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