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The French House of Representatives passes the bill against ‘secession’.

Overview of a session of the French House of Representatives. Photo: AFP / VNA

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Paris, this is one of the major law projects in the 5-year term of President Emmanuel Macron. After two weeks and 135 hours of debate, the bill aimed to “strengthen respect for republican principles” was passed by 347 out of 577 members of the House of Representatives.

It is expected that the bill will be transferred to the Senate from March 30.

For many months, the content in this sensitive law project, including the neutrality of public agencies, fighting against hatred on the Internet, increasing family education to prevent “separatism school “… has led to many protests, despite the ban on crowdsourcing to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. Discussion about 70 articles and 2,650 amendments and supplements has been frequent and exciting in the media.

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