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The former Danish minister was impeached for splitting the refugee couples


Dan Mach School Board was concerned with the division of the picture 1 video seriesFormer Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg. (Source: AP)

On February 2, the Danish National Assembly passed a decision to impeach former Immigration Minister Inger Stojberg, alleging that she had broken the law while in office when ordering the separation of couples. refugee.

The accusations against Stojberg relate to the decision made in 2016 as Immigration Minister. Accordingly, Ms. Stojberg asked the authorities to separate married couples if either of them was under 18 years old to prevent child marriage.

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According to the preliminary indictment passed by the National Assembly of Denmark, Stojberg’s decision violates the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). However, Ms. Stojberg denied all related allegations.

Scheduled trial impeachment Ms. Stojberg takes place after next summer with the participation of 15 Supreme Court justices and 15 MPs appointed by Congress. This is the third time since 1910 that a Danish politician has been brought to the Tribunal of Impeachment, a special court of Denmark hearing ministers accused of abuses or irresponsibility.

Ms. Stojberg served as Immigration Minister for the period 2015-2019. During her time in office, she introduced many measures to tighten immigration policy, promoting more than 110 legal amendments that limit the rights of foreigners./.

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