The former CIA officer said he quit the Democratic Party because of impeachment of Mr. Trump

The former CIA officer said he quit the Democratic Party because of impeachment of Mr. Trump

A former CIA officer wrote that he quit the Democratic Party due to a second impeachment against former President Donald Trump. He says impeachment only aggravates political divisions.

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Bryan Dean Wright, a former intelligence officer, wrote to the Daily Caller: “Over the years, Democrats like me have watched with growing concern as our own leaders and activists … have used countless hateful words, violence, which is not inherently American, has resulted in billions of dollars in economic damage and gave birth to a violent national movement.

Modern left wing ” infected “systematic hatred“,”has caused a deep political divide and is accompanied by foreseeable consequences, especially violence and destruction.

He said: “The most severe example occurred in the summer of 2020, with racial riots by the Left having costing up to $ 2 billion dollars.“He added that Democratic Party leaders did not condemn when”burning rampant,”Property is destroyed, and life is destroyed.

Mr. Wright pointed out that democratically elected officials instigated violence in 2020.

He said: “A woman in New York threw a Molotov cocktail (gas bomb bottle) at four police officers sitting in the car during a riot “and” no damage was done just because the bottle did not explode. Also, a riot group in Seattle tried to seal the doors of a police station and set the building on fire, in order to burn the police alive.

In total, more than 700 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers were injured by violence caused by Leftist insurgents. Which includes the police captain of the city of St. Mary. Louis, David Dorn, sacrificed himself to protect the city he loved from rioters encouraged by the agitation of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Wright also quotes claims from mainstream media commentators as CNN’s Chris Cuomo told viewers last year: “Show me where the protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful,“As well as the NPR statement:”Robbery is a powerful tool to bring about lasting real change in society.

Such statements, he argued, incited mentally manipulated people to engage in acts of violence. At the same time, he argues that it is hypocritical to impeach Mr. Trump for inciting an uprising while Democratic Party leaders and left-wing media have encouraged anarchist rebels to enter last year.

House Democrats claim that Trump’s speech provoked supporters of the January 6 hacking of the US Capitol, leaving some including a policeman. die.

For Democrats like me, we have no choice but to leave (quit the Democratic Party). However, where are we going, politically, our party can’t save it any more? The answer will be found in research data from the 2020 election on this resignation: It shows we have been leaving and joining the new populist Republican Party.

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