Relying on the main identity of American cross-border pickups, plus the appearance and appearance, it is more rugged, masculine and hardcore than the equivalent of TOYOTA Hulix, VW Armarok, and the front and late power configuration has large and small displacement, which is more suitable for diversified Consumer demand, while such a FORD Ranger has become the dominant seller of Pickup grades, the demand for modification is naturally also significantly higher! Prior-Design, which has upgraded appearance and is the pioneer of European “violent tortoise reform”, has changed its attitude of only changing the appearance of luxury cars. It has also introduced a special wide-body kit for it. It does not trim the original rough flavor, but it will also be fashionable. The exquisite breath, who said Pickup can’t be fashionable!

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
The off-road tough guy is “fashionable”! Ford Ranger “Metropolitan” Prior-Design Widebody Kit
Written by: Yu Zongda Daco

Even though the main FORD crossover pickup Ranger is not as loud as the TOYOTA Hulix, and not as strong as the VW Armarok, it has a 3.2L single-turbo and 2.0L twin-turbo power diversity, and its appearance is obviously more rough. Coupled with the earlier launch time, it has also successfully won the sales champion of leisure pickup trucks for four consecutive years in the local area. Based on the general demand for upgrades by car owners, it has naturally become a highly modified car model, especially the appearance of hardcore! Based on the expansion of its own corresponding car types, Prior-Design, which used to only develop high-end luxury cars and performance coupes, has also begun to have a significant turning point in recent years. Not only has it actively explored Old School classic cars, but also modified the magic to extend to the past. Pickup, and the FORD Ranger, which is a strong crossover pickup, naturally also Prior-Design is the best car in this new class!

Even though the side of the original Ranger car body has been equipped with externally expanded wheel arcs, the overall outline is not very obvious. Under the prominent, Prior-Design has also played the true colors of the pioneers of the European storm tortoise, and designed more styling in the four wheel arches. In order to highlight the external wide-body plaque with a larger expansion ratio, even if the side of the car exudes a stronger muscular touch, the whole looks more powerful, but the shape is restrained and restrained. Because of the smooth design technique, it also reveals a detailed texture that is contrary to the original advertised martial arts and off-road style. In addition, the front water tank cover has been greatly changed to a hollow design with the same color as the body. There is also a “duck tail” rear spoiler added to the rear cover of the car. Even if the front and bottom guards still maintain the original design of the metal color, it feels that the Ranger reveals a sense of fashion, and there is no sense of disobedience in the bustling driving. It can be said that completely out of the traditional framework of Pickup!