The West Coast Expressway, known as the expressway for the poor, in addition to comforting the addiction of the heavy-duty people who can’t get on the national highway, is also the best alternative road plan for many motorists to avoid high-speed highway traffic jams. Now it will be more comfortable and convenient to go to Xibin, because the first provincial highway rest station is officially opened at Yunlinkou Lake.

Reprinted from: CARLINK chain car network
Original: The first Xibin Expressway rest stop in the country is now online!Yunlinkouhu 246K supermarket, famous products, and everything to go to the toilet
Written by: Chen Weizhi Max

Many kinds of heavy-duty machines know that the convenience of traveling between the west and the north is one aspect, but there are two disadvantages. One is that the crosswind is too strong in some sections of the road, and it will fall to the ground if accidentally. Another inconvenience is that it is difficult to go to the toilet.

Since the West Coast passes through most of the pristine towns in the townships, especially in the central and southern parts of the country, there are often elevated sections. Sometimes you have to get off the interchange when you want to refuel or go to the toilet, and you have to drive around the city for some distance before you can find a rest place. In order to improve this problem, the State Highway Administration has set up the first provincial road rest station under the 246K of Taiwan 61 line, which is convenient for passers-by.

At present, in addition to parking spaces, the rest stop also has 24-hour service from a family-friendly convenience store. The toilet is converted from a container house. It is not only clean and bright, but also provides hot water hand washing services. According to the Ministry of Transportation, the Kouhu rest area is only the first, and it is expected that 13 rest stations will be added along the West Coast in the future.

In addition to making it easier for passers-by to rest and supply, it also promotes crowd consumption through activities such as holiday markets, giving local agricultural specialties more opportunities for production and sales, and creating a win-win situation. The rest stop has been officially opened. If you want to get there through navigation, please search for No. 1-3, Zhongzheng Road, Huxiang, Yunlinkou.