The first shot in the construction of a new smart city will be fired soon

The first shot in the construction of a new smart city will be fired soon

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2021 Entrepreneurial Star Species-New Power of the City

36氪 2021 Entrepreneurship “Star” Species Competition “New City Forces” is starting. 36Kr provides an opportunity to bond all parties, help start-ups, and thus promote the development of new domestic smart city tracks. In the process of searching for the most innovative, growing and valuable start-up projects, we will unite with industry giants, traditional enterprises, local governments and other market participants, through industry expert guidance, investment agency docking, 36氪 brand exposure, and university guidance. The core rights and interests help the project party to achieve an efficient link between resources and capital.


When going out of the lap

In 2016, the concept of a new smart city gradually emerged. The policy support of the era’s dividend superposition has allowed this emerging industry to continue to accelerate its development. According to the Digital Twins White Paper of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by 2023, the scale of my country’s smart city market is expected to reach 1.3 trillion yuan, and the prospects are promising.

But the real estate industry, one of the main bodies of smart city construction, is undergoing tremendous changes. With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the popularity of online marketing has soared, the listing of new species “riding the wind and waves”, the debt of real estate developers has exploded… The relationship between “people” and “space” has been completely changed, and the real estate business has also ushered in many competitiveness Strong new entrants. At the same time, the “three red lines” new regulations show that real estate regulation has become normalized, and the real estate business camp is divided and the structure adjustment is accelerating.

In addition to the evolution of policies, the exhaustion of the dividends of the times has also become a new round of problems in the real estate industry. We can learn from the experience of developed markets such as the United States and Japan. After the period of high growth, the profit rate of the real estate development industry will gradually become more reasonable, even lower than the average value of other industries. Taking the US market as an example, the ROE of companies that focus on development businesses is 4 ~6%, only those companies operating real estate and service businesses can maintain a ROE of more than 10%. Although the domestic real estate development model is different from it, the continued decline in profits and yields is the future trend.

Various signs indicate that in the next ten years, the Chinese real estate market will enter a period of low growth of “volume drop, price level, and profit reduction”. The industry is calling on more change makers to push players to “out of the circle” together.

At this time, related technologies began to take off. The development of technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things has gradually matured and even become “new infrastructure”. The combination of technology and the specific scenarios of the real estate industry and smart cities has become more and more obvious. As the foundation, advanced technologies have promoted the implementation of smart cities. In turn, the development of new smart cities will continue to promote the integration and innovation of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of these technologies.

This is why PropTech has entered the fast lane of development. Taking global venture capital as the indicator, the growth rate of total global real estate technology venture capital in the past five years is twice that of when FinTech developed to the same scale ten years ago. From 2019, this number has exceeded 30 billion U.S. dollars. Real estate technology is becoming a new magnet for capital, entrepreneurial companies, real estate and scientific and technological talents.

This has also brought new opportunities for practitioners in the real estate industry to “out of the circle”. And Jones Lang LaSalle, Shui On Land and Swire Properties, which have long been involved in the industry, are demonstrating the “out of the circle” of the industry in a brand new way.


The emergence of new real estate forces

The 36Kr entrepreneurial “star” species united the urbanlab alliance member Jones Lang LaSalle, Swire Properties, and Shui On Land to jointly launch the “New City Power” contest, which will jointly witness the birth of the “new power” in urban technology in the future. “Innovative genes” are truly integrated into China’s real estate industry.

Jones Lang LaSalle

Jones Lang LaSalle is the world’s leading real estate professional services and investment management company. Since the establishment of JLL Spark in Silicon Valley in 2017, this US$100 million venture capital fund has so far invested in more than 20 real estate technology start-ups worldwide. In 2019, Jones Lang LaSalle established JLL Technologies (JLLT) to continuously improve the value and liquidity of global real estate with the help of technology. In China, Jones Lang LaSalle has also successively launched the Command Centre building IoT intelligent control center, “Real Estate Partner” online trading platform, MapIT geographic information intelligent platform and other localized technology products to help real estate management, commercial leasing, transaction decision-making and other links Digital upgrade.

In the future, Jones Lang LaSalle will continue to uphold the cooperation concept of openness, collaboration and sharing, and work with companies, professional institutions, capital, government, media and other forces to jointly promote the “innovative genes” to truly integrate into the real estate industry, catalyze digital transformation, and reshape the value of the industry. , To help China’s commercial real estate market achieve sustainable development.

Shui On Land

Shui On Land (Shui On Land) is a leading real estate developer, property owner and asset manager focusing on commercial real estate in China. It has outstanding achievements in creating an innovation-driven sustainable community. Shui On Land adheres to the concept of “people-oriented and sustainable”. With forward-looking concepts, innovative thinking, and international experience, Shui On Land has built large-scale projects including Shanghai Xintiandi, Hongqiao Tiandi, Creative World, Wuhan Tiandi, Chongqing Tiandi, and Foshan Lingnan Tiandi. Sustainable integrated communities inject vitality into modern life and provide innovative solutions for the sustainable development of future cities.

In the field of real estate innovation incubation and investment, Shui On is the first batch of entrants in the industry and has more than 10 years of experience. Its InnoSpace platform focuses on the incubation of early-stage project investment and the platform community of large-scale enterprise industry innovation. It has incubated and served nearly 500 high-quality start-ups, and has two venture capital funds. In the future, Shui On will continue to focus on[Future City]and is committed to discovering new incubation and investment opportunities at the intersection of human needs and technological changes in order to achieve the sustainable development of innovation-driven cities and communities.

Swire Properties

Swire Properties has developed rapidly in the mainland market in recent years, and innovation and transformation are regarded as a key driving force for the company’s sustainable development. Based on this, one of the key tasks of Swire Properties’ innovative development strategy is to more systematically explore the ever-changing business needs, seek technical solutions tailored to different regional markets, and establish strategic partnerships with partners that are highly compatible with the company’s development strategy.

Swire Properties takes the five pillars of SD2030’s sustainable development strategy (community building, people-oriented, partnership, environmental benefit and economic benefit) as the starting point to promote close exchanges between internal business teams and external start-ups and the implementation of new technologies. In order to further help foster a new generation of start-ups in China’s real estate technology ecosystem, Swire Properties established a real estate technology venture capital fund in 2020, with a view to accelerating the company’s digital transformation while continuing to contribute to the innovation and transformation of the domestic real estate industry. contribution.

For the entire PropTech track, due to the big cake and early stage, there are a lot of participating players, including technology providers, real estate owners, governments, employers, schools, and consulting service providers. How to twist the participants into a single rope has become the primary problem that PropTech must overcome at this stage. This is also the fundamental reason why Jones Lang LaSalle, Shui On Land, and Swire Properties have chosen to “out of the circle” together.

And the way to “out of the circle” has been traced: First, the cooperation of leading enterprises. That is, leading real estate developers, leading technology providers, leading venture capital companies and other collaborations, and through enterprise accelerators, industry-university-research systems, ecosystems and other methods to give full play to the advantages of leading start-ups; second, in-depth communication between internal and external teams. Whether it is a real estate developer or a technology company, it is difficult to avoid falling into their own mindset when innovating, and through internal and external communication, they can help the planning and implementation of solutions; third, top-down promotion. That is to say, the internal management of real estate developers needs to promote innovation from top to bottom, while continuously improving internal information technology capabilities, actively embracing external industrial technology trends. Understand the technical requirements of various departments and improve internal technical information capabilities.

Now everything is ready, only one shareholder is owed.


Scene selection is more cutting-edge

Urban Yue UrbaLab was established to help participants achieve innovation through the above three methods. The scope of the “New Urban Forces” of this entrepreneurial “star” species competition will be further expanded. Combine the power of leading real estate developers, start-up companies, third-party media, and capital. And will focus on the five more cutting-edge scenarios in PropTech: smart new retail, space construction and upgrade, space management and operation, future office, which are other cutting-edge solutions, to lay a solid foundation for future landing practices.

Space construction upgrade

There are very few urbanization dividends left. Although the land supply in various places is currently declining, there is still a big opportunity for spatial transformation and upgrading. This is because, for real estate developers, the less land they can obtain, the more sophisticated construction is required. One is to reduce costs, and the other is to increase efficiency by increasing prices.

In this scenario, large real estate developers have already attempted to innovate. For example, the Bozhilin Robot Company established by Country Garden in the early days wanted to design brick-moving and brick-laying robots to change the space construction process.

This is one of the solutions that will be paid attention to in the space construction upgrade scenario of the “New Urban Forces”, as long as it can achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase and green environmental protection of space construction through technology, such as sensor technology, new building materials, intelligence Safe construction site solutions, cutting-edge technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., can all be innovated together.

Space management and operation

According to the development process of the physical space, operation and management are carried out after construction. In the previous period of extensive development, the operation and management of space was often ignored, and did not need to be taken seriously. But now, good management and operation of industrial parks, residential quarters, shopping malls and office buildings have become a must for space owners, and even core competitiveness.

Moreover, traditional space management and operation service themes, such as traditional real estate and traditional security, can no longer meet the increasingly stringent needs of owners. Therefore, this competition welcomes manufacturers who can provide low-carbon and intelligent energy management solutions, access control and security technology, smart property solutions, and Internet of Things technology to participate in the competition to discuss new models of space management and operation.

Smart new retail

Smart new retail is a branch of the space operation scene, and more refers to the consumption scene in commercial real estate. Governments, real estate developers, brands, and stores are paying more and more attention to commercial real estate. How to stimulate consumption and promote consumers’ multiple consumption has become the first problem to be solved by technology.

In this competition, 36Kr welcomes manufacturers who can provide consumer technology, online and offline interactive games, community operation solutions, and customer acquisition solutions to participate and explore the new future of retail together.

Office of the future

Similar to smart new retail, the future office is also a branch of the space operation scene, which refers more to the digital operation and management of office buildings. Therefore, technologies and solutions that can improve office efficiency and reduce office costs can play their advantages, such as new indoor environment technology, instant messaging software that is closely related to the office, data security technology, AR and VR technology, and prefabricated decoration solutions Schemes and so on.

Other cutting-edge solutions

Of course, the above scenarios cannot cover all the scenarios of construction, operation, management and maintenance in the physical space. Therefore, as long as it is all technologies and solutions related to the new smart city, PropTech, and the digital upgrade of physical space, including but not limited to providing 5G communication upstream and downstream innovative technologies, chip/semiconductor technology, digital twin solutions and other integrated solutions All of the manufacturers can participate in this competition, and explore and innovate PropTech and the future of new smart cities with employers, industries, peers and the media.


Departing from the Greater Bay Area

Taking into account the national distribution of the smart city industry, this competition will be divided into four major competition areas: East China Division, Southwest Division, North China Division and South China Division for recruitment and roadshows. The first road show was held in Shenzhen, South China, on April 13th.

It’s not surprising that the contest started from Shenzhen. In terms of smart city construction, the Greater Bay Area has a natural location advantage. Many Internet giants are located in Shenzhen. Their technical capabilities can radiate the construction of smart cities and PropTech throughout the Greater Bay Area, and they have driven a number of technologically capable start-up companies to land in Shenzhen, thereby helping the Greater Bay Area to better achieve urban upgrades. It has attracted the attention of a lot of real estate developers in the development blueprint of the Greater Bay Area.

In addition, the urban construction of the Greater Bay Area has developed rapidly in the past few years, and a large number of real estate developers have entered the first echelon here, and they are more willing and able to carry out digital transformation. At the same time, the local government has also encouraged the development of smart cities. The top 10 projects of the Shenzhen Roadshow involve prefabricated decoration, smart city bottom system, new retail and many other fields. They will start from their respective fields and combine the actual problems of the real estate industry and urban construction in the Greater Bay Area to discuss the future of new smart cities and real estate technology with the guests and judges of the competition.

The lineup of judges participating in the Shenzhen Roadshow is also very luxurious: Wu Zhonghao, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle South China, Jiang Dongxing, Partner of Ruiyi Capital, Li Wenxuan, Deputy General Manager of Poly Capital, and Zhang Xin, Vice President of Tongchuang Weiye, Shenzhen Smart City Investment Fund Investment Director-Ou Lihan, Dexun Investment Investment Director-Tao Yuan, Guohong Jiaxin Capital Senior Investment Manager-Yao Junyan, Yida Capital Senior Investment Manager-Li Yuanju, Qifu Capital Investment Manager-Wang Yi.

The event agenda is as follows:

Activity agenda

Click on the link to follow the live broadcast of the contest and watch the whole contest:


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