The first people to buy Samsung The Wall screens: Hollywood stars, hotels, super yachts - VnReview

The first people to buy Samsung The Wall screens: Hollywood stars, hotels, super yachts – VnReview

Samsung's The Wall system is definitely not for the average person. Priced at the same price as a supercar, the product is primarily aimed at the super rich in the US and the Middle East.

Samsung introduced The Wall display in Vietnam.

Indeed, according CE Pro the first order of this system has just been completed in the US. A customer living in Los Angeles, Southern California ordered Samsung's 146-inch The Wall screen. This person's personal information is kept private but based on the photos, we can be sure this is a very rich character.

Samsung introduces The Wall screen

"The Wall" is the name Samsung gives to its microLED display system, which has just been announced to open orders for ultra-rich individuals from August this year. This is the most advanced display technology currently pursued by many companies, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Facebook … MicroLED displays use LED chips smaller than 100 microns as the display pixel. , unlike LCD technology that deploys LED backlighting for lighting.

It took the installation team three days to complete the 146-inch The Wall system

Therefore, it has the ability to reproduce blacks and contrast like an OLED screen, giving it the leading image quality today. Using the module design, the system can customize the size and resolution according to customer requirements. Each module of Samsung has dimensions of 806 x 453 x 72 mm and a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, made up of 12 microLED panels. Currently, due to technological barriers, it is not possible to immediately produce single microLED panels larger than 10 inches.

The screen is difficult to recognize the lines despite the modular design

The installation unit is Just One Touch / Video & Audio Center, a Samsung partner based in Santa Monica. The installation took three days, with support from some Samsung employees. Along with that is a virtual surround sound system, including the ceiling speakers on the ceiling and under the TV.

According to Tom Campbell, the director of the company, after this first order, they will handle three more orders, including a Hollywood star, a luxury yacht and a hotel lobby.

The price is not disclosed but will fall to several hundred thousand dollars

He also said: "The problem is not on the price. In the past, the personal statement about wealth was brand or jewelry. But today, it's technology. People go in search of something so they can brag." ". The price of the order is not revealed like the owner of the house. Referring to the Vietnamese market, Samsung once said the original price for the 146-inch size is nearly 15 billion.

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