The first Nutri-Score products appear on the shelves
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The first Nutri-Score products appear on the shelves

Six months after the official green light from the Ministry of Health, Nutri-Score nutritional labeling arrives on the shelves. And it is to make it better known to the public that the French public health agency is broadcasting a national promotion campaign throughout the month of May. “It’s just a logo. But soon this logo will help us choose what we eat every day “: This will be the message that consumers will see on television and on the Internet. “The objective is to widely promote this innovative device at the service of consumers, so that they can identify it immediately when they see it in store or online. », Explains the agency.

Through this campaign, the latter wishes to remind that the Nutri-Score is official nutrition labeling recommended in France. An initiative that benefits from the support of consumer associations, health professionals and the scientific community. “The public authorities are sending a strong message to manufacturers and distributors to join this process of transparency, with a view to improving the health of the entire population. », She adds. Designed as part of the National Nutrition Program, this five-color logo aims to provide consumers with understandable information on the overall nutritional quality of products during races.

Immediate information on the nutritional quality of products

The Nutri-Score thus takes into account, for 100g of products, the nutrients whose excessive consumption is harmful to health (salt, sugars, saturated fatty acids), and the positive nutrients (proteins, fibers, the quantities of fruits, vegetables or legumes incorporated in the recipe). On this basis, the nutritional score gives an estimation value of the nutritional quality of the food, on a scale ranging from -15 (better nutritional quality) to +40 (less good nutritional quality). After calculation, the score obtained for a product allows you to assign a letter ranging from A (better nutritional quality) to E (poorer nutritional quality) and a color (from dark green to dark orange).

“Its adoption by the greatest number would be an important step forward to improve the diet, and therefore the health of the French. », Affirms Public Health France. Products displaying the Nutri-Score will therefore gradually appear on the shelves: to date, more than 50 companies have undertaken to display the logo on their products by 2019. Both in mass distribution (Casino, Marque Repère) and in the food industry (Bonduelle, Materne, William Saurin, Zapetti …) Among them, brands such as Fleury Michon, McCain, Weight Watchers, Bonduelle, Intermarché, Auchan and Leclerc Drive already affix it to many of their packaging in supermarkets and online.

But in accordance with European legislation, its application is optional and is based on corporate volunteering. What regrets the UFC-Que Choisir which warns against “diversionary maneuvers” that some manufacturers wish to employ. “Some professionals insist on maintaining obsolete labeling, others try to develop a particularly complex parallel model. », She explains. It is moreover to circumvent this legislation and the unwillingness of industrialists that a LREM deputy wishes, according to BFMTV, that the mention of the Nutri-score for foodstuffs is compulsory on all advertising media.

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