The first impression of Vsmart Bee Lite: Smartphone popularized with people with 600 thousand VND
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The first impression of Vsmart Bee Lite: Smartphone popularized with people with 600 thousand VND

With only 600 thousand dong, we can immediately own Vsmart Bee Lite. That is the result of the cooperation between Vsmart and Viettel to popularize smartphones for Vietnamese users. Today’s article I will share my first impressions of my Vsmart Bee Lite with you.

Cheap smartphone Vsmart Bee Lite
Cheap smartphone Vsmart Bee Lite. Source: Viettel.

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Vsmart Bee Lite with special design comes from simplicity

In the midst of a smartphone forest with a luxurious design, a sleek and elegant back, our Vsmart Bee Lite stands out with an extremely minimalistic design, which makes Bee Lite special.

The machine is completely plastic with soft curved back edges from the bottom up, combined with 4 rounded corners. All create comfort and optimal feeling for users. Besides, Vsmart Bee Lite with plastic material will be better impact resistant, more durable, lighter.

Overall design of Vsmart Bee Lite
Overall design of Vsmart Bee Lite. Source: Viettel.

The front of the device is a 5.45 inch screen, FWVGA (854 x 480 pixels) resolution, TFT panel, 18: 9 old aspect ratio. Vsmart Bee Lite with this ratio can be said that the machine has a very small overall, so it is very suitable to use with one hand easily. In addition, the device is also equipped with a selfie camera with 2 MP resolution.

The front of the Vsmart Bee Lite with 5.45 inch screen
Front and back of Vsmart Bee Lite. Source: Viettel.

The back with a single 5 MP camera with the design is also quite trendy when arranged in clusters with flash. The back of the machine has two versions in black and military blue.

Vsmart Bee Lite with enough configuration in the price range

From the beginning, with the price and target of users that Vsmart Bee Lite is aiming for, you as well as I did not expect too much about the configuration and performance of the machine.

Vsmart Bee Lite is equipped with quite modest configuration parameters with Qualcomm Snapdragon 215, quad core, 28 mm process and clocked at 1.3 GHz. Comes with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory with support for expansion by memory card slot up to 64 GB.

Snapdragon 215 is equipped on Vsmart Bee Lite
Snapdragon 215 is equipped on Vsmart Bee Lite. Source:

Hearing about the configuration, it seems a bit dreary, but when sold, the device will be running Android 10 version but Android Go version. This is the Android Version where everything the app is shortened is very gentle “Lite”. So you can be assured of stability as well as long-term support updates.

Configuration of Vsmart Bee Lite
Configuration of Vsmart Bee Lite. Source: Viettel.

In terms of battery capacity, the Vsmart Bee Lite owns a 2,550 mAh battery with this battery with a lightweight configuration that is not too heavy, then surely our users will have a long time of use.

Vsmart Bee Lite with a very comfortable price of 600 thousand VND

This Vsmart Bee Lite, according to me will be in the super-cheap segment, with 600,000 VND, we will own a smartphone with a simple but beautiful design, the configuration is not too powerful but enough to use with basic tasks. lightweight, 5 MP camera.

Vsmart Bee Lite with the price of only 600 thousand VND
Vsmart Bee Lite with the price of only 600 thousand VND. Source: Viettel.

It can be said that this is a smartphone that will be suitable for first-time smartphone users such as the elderly or children, and with a low price, the device will be accessible to fellow brothers in remote areas. have a difficult economic life.

What do you think about this Vsmart Bee Lite? Please leave your comments in the comments.

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Vsmart Bee Lite

Screen: 5.45 “Chip: Quad-core Snapdragon 215RAM: 1 GB, Internal memory: 16 GBCamera or: 5 MPFront camera: 2 MPPin: 2500 mAh

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MTMinh Tien

600k is too affordable for all Vietnamese people, the configuration is suitable, because this line is mostly for people who do not have smart phones and the elderly, so people do not need high configuration. Get in touch with technology
Reply 3 hours ago 📱
Khai Phan Huynh

It’s just a rumor. I am using a brick phone to the Viettel store to ask, but I haven’t sold it yet
Reply 3 hours ago 📱

Asked Viettel. Condition is that you are using a brick phone with sim Viettel. After the network operator scans for that, you will be able to buy this phone for 600 thousand.
Reply (1) 4 hours ago 📱
HLHuy Le

I have a Vimat phone that is more expensive than this 600 thousand. But indeed, if this price is right, businessman Vuong will make a sudden contribution to improve Vietnamese people’s knowledge. The elderly, farmers, workers, people in remote areas will now have the opportunity to access global news, warnings about natural disasters, floods, crops … will come with kip time people. I must buy a pair for the old man. Let them watch the news and call zalo videos for their children.
Reply (1) 5 hours ago 📱
Hung Ha

If true, the brick phone is sold out
Reply 5 hours ago 📱
Vu Van Huy

How many antitu can this child, admin!
Reply 8 hours ago 📱

TLInto rotationAdministrators

Hello !
Currently, this product is a rumor, so my side has no detailed information about this product.
Information to you!
Reply 8 hours ago
Giang Le

Can not buy, because there must be conditions. So deployed for fun
Reply (1) 8 hours ago 📱
HTHoa Tran

Advertisement is for fun, but I have not seen sales of crap, if I also buy one
Reply (1) 9 hours ago 📱
Anh Luongvlogs

Although it’s just an advertisement for fun, but also thanks to billionaire Vuong, only he can do that. 😂
Reply 10 hours ago 📱
Nguyen Duc Tung

we hear it well. keep it up VietNam
Reply 10 hours ago 📱


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