The first Chinese style skin suspense poster of “Tribal Clash” appeared

The Spring Festival is coming. Don’t rush to go home to celebrate the Chinese New Year. After reading the latest suspense poster of “Tribal Conflict”, let’s go!

Recently, the well-known mobile game “Tribal Conflict” has successively released a set of suspense posters. The picture is a crossbow, a loom and a silhouette of a character. The verses of “Magnolia Poem” are selected as poster essays.

And if you look closely at the poster’s silhouette, the figure is slender and slender, and the poster’s inscription “Who says women are not as good as men” is not difficult to guess should be a female hero. Looking at it as if wearing armor, wearing armor, wearing a cloak behind him, it is reminiscent of the ancient Chinese hero Mulan.

Players have speculated that this must be related to the new skin of the Queen of Arrows and Arrow, and it is most likely a magnolia skin.

Yesterday, the official officially announced that a new Chinese New Year-limited skin is about to be launched: Mulberry Mulberry. This is the first Chinese style skin launched in the tribal clash eight years since its launch, but this is not the first time the game has tried Chinese style elements. In the past few years, “Tribal Conflict” has also tried to introduce Chinese-style decorations. Last year, during the Spring Festival, we collaborated with celebrities to celebrate the New Year’s Day. The short film used many traditional Chinese culture such as shadow play and New Year’s pictures. We can see the sincerity of SUPERCELL and the importance attached to Chinese local players.

It is reported that this SUPERCELL in-depth study of Chinese history, in the exploration of traditional Chinese culture, organic integration of traditional Chinese culture and games, to create this limited Magnolia skin. Bend the bow to fight as a man, who knows my daughter. It is curious how such a magnolia entered the world of Tribal Clash. But think about it, Hua Mulan served for his father and fought to defend his country, and “Tribal Clash” also requires the leaders to work together to guard the village and protect the tribe. This may be the same goal of Mulan and tribal spirit.

With the appearance of the new skin, this year’s Spring Festival event of “Tribal Clash” will also kick off. Last year’s event was a firework and cash cow with Chinese flavor. What will it be this year? Even the first Chinese-style skin will be released. It seems that this year, the activities of “Tribal Conflict” cannot be underestimated, it is looking forward to! Are the leaders ready? Gather together for the Chinese New Year in “Tribal Conflict” and spend the New Year together!


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