The first arctic runway for all types of aircraft

The first arctic runway for all types of aircraft

The information above was reported by the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu on April 20.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, the runway length is 3.5 km, construction work has been completed since last year.

According to open data, Russia’s Arctic has never built an airstrip before. As such, this runway will allow aircraft to land, including strategic aircraft.

In addition, Mr. Shoigu noted that the construction of Temp airport on the Novosibirsk archipelago is nearing completion.

“It is important to say that the Northern Fleet continuously uses fighter jets from arctic archipelagic airports. The development of military infrastructure on the arctic islands and the Arctic Ocean coastline continues. customs, “the Russian Defense Minister said at the board meeting.

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A Russian military base in the Arctic. Photo: Sputnik

Before that, during the Arctic expedition of the Northern Fleet, for the first time in the history of the Navy, three nuclear submarines simultaneously penetrated the floating ice in the same confined area with a radius of 300 meters. .

The operation took place “for the first time in Naval history under difficult navigational conditions in the Cambridge Strait”.

In addition, during the expedition, two MiG-31 fighters flew to the polar region with aerial refueling, passed through the Arctic geographic point and “successfully solved other missions”.

“The expedition involved more than 600 military and civilian personnel, about 200 samples of military weapons and equipment. A total of 66 military transport aviation missions were carried out in support” , Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said.

One fifth of Russia’s territory, located on the Arctic Circle, but only 1% of the country’s population – about 1.5 million people – live there. Arctic development is of great importance to Russia because it is rich in natural resources and the Arctic Ocean provides the shortest sea route from Europe to Asia.

Last October, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved Russia’s arctic development strategy and ensured national security until 2035. The corresponding decree was published in the official gazette on October 26. .

The document read: “Approve the Russian Federation’s Arctic development strategy and ensure national security until 2035”.

The document includes measures regulated by national projects and state programs, investment plans of infrastructure companies as well as development programs for regions and cities in the North. Pole.

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