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The first 8TB M.2 SSD was released, the era of game installation without deletion

Sabrent has just launched an 8TB M.2 SSD, and is considered the largest capacity SSD today. The thing is, the price is not pleasant at all.

For those who are willing to pay for this Sabrent product, you will only be able to buy the 8TB version on the market. It is twice the size of the current largest version. That may not be true in the 2.5-inch array, but vM.2 (shaped like a RAM stick) is very thin and requires no wires at all.

M.2 SSDs can be either SATA or NVMe, while Sabrent SSDs fall into the NVMe segment. The 8TB version will join the Sabrent Rocket Q family, with PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

Sabrent does not detail too much about the current 8TB, but we can guess that it is very fast, based on what is available for Rocket Q. Here are the details:

  • Rocket Q 8TB SSD: Not published
  • Rocket Q 4TB SSD: 3,400MB / s read, 3,000MB / s write
  • Rocket Q 2TB SSD: 3,200MB / s read, 3,000MB / s write
  • Rocket Q 1TB SSD: 3,200MB / s read, 2,000MB / s write
  • Rocket Q 500GB SSD: 2,000MB / s read, 1,000MB / s write

As usual, the higher the capacity, the faster the speed.

Rocket Q series uses QLC (quad-level cell) NANND flash memory in combination with Sabrent’s RKT 303 control. As noted by Anandtech, the popular SSD market is gradually changing to TLC (triple-level cell) to QLC NAND. This helps to achieve higher drive capacities and SSD manufacturers will surely release their own 8TB versions soon.

In general, the price of NAND flash memory needs to be lower before the larger M.2 hard drives are available at the purchase price for the mainstream market. For example, Rocket Q 4TB version is selling $ 749.99 on Newegg (about 17.5 million VND). For PC gamers, this is not worth the money, let alone the upcoming 8TB.

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