The Fifth Future Network Development Conference is about to open, and technological innovation drives the future of the industry

The Fifth Future Network Development Conference is about to open, and technological innovation drives the future of the industry

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On June 8, the Organizing Committee of the Fifth Future Network Development Conference held a press conference at the Purple Mountain Laboratory. Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Purple Mountain Laboratory, and Wang Aijun, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, attended the press conference and introduced the overall situation and characteristics of the Fifth Future Network Development Conference.

As an important event of 2021 Nanjing Innovation Week, the Fifth Future Network Development Conference will be held at the Qinhuai International Cultural Exchange Center in Zijinshan Science and Technology City on June 17-18. This conference is under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province. It is hosted by the People’s Government of Nanjing City. The China Institute of Communications, Purple Mountain Laboratory, Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute, Nanjing City The Jiangning District People’s Government and the Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee will invite domestic and foreign big names and industry experts to share future network innovation achievements, talk about the network trend of the times, and explore the infinite possibilities in the future.

Wang Aijun, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Jiangning Economic Development Zone, introduced the features and highlights of the conference

Focus on innovation and accelerate the layout of the future network

According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, the State Council has included the “Future Network” as a “strategic emerging industry”; operators, enterprises, universities and local governments have also joined forces to develop major innovative applications based on CENI. Facing the major historical opportunity of new network technology research and transformation, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City vigorously promote the research and development of future network architecture and key technologies, and establish the Purple Mountain Laboratory. After more than ten years of intensive cultivation, my country has made a number of internationally advanced and important breakthroughs in new network architecture and core technologies.

Carry on the past and open the future. At this future network development conference, Zijinshan Laboratory will release several major achievements in the field of networking and communications, and will also hold a launch ceremony for the opening of the National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure (CENI) to build an open network innovation ecosystem and promote the digitalization of the enterprise economy Develop and promote the building of a network power.

In addition to the summit forum and 12 theme forums, this conference will also hold two post-doctoral academic forums: “Future Network Innovation and Development”, “High-quality Industrial Development and Future Network Convergence and Transformation” and “Future Network Test Facilities User Committee” Important closed-door meetings, gathering scientific and technological elites to seek industry development, promote future network test facility projects to produce more cutting-edge results, and speed up future network construction.

Multi-dimensional breakthroughs, science and innovation forces resonate at the same frequency

On the basis of focusing on technological innovation, this conference breaks boundaries in multiple dimensions, forming a conference forum, future network innovation exhibition, future light-future network technology innovation competition, special theme activities, and major results release. “Five in one” future network development The new format of the conference.

Ding Mengran, Executive Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of Jiangning District Party Committee, presided over the press conference

The conference will invite scientists from domestic and foreign fields to share and communicate simultaneously through the “offline + cloud” dual line, to break through geographical boundaries in form and feel the collision of wisdom. The conference forum and the future network innovation exhibition explore and show the extended applications of future networks in the Internet of Things, industrial Internet, and smart city construction, highlighting the huge role of “Future Network+” in promoting industrial integration. The Light of the Future-Future Network Technology Innovation Competition is the theme event of the 2021 Nanjing Innovation Week and this Future Network Development Conference. Through the solicitation of innovative projects from the whole country, it is targeted at the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Economic Belt, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the Yangtze River Delta The four key areas have carried out sub-station competitions on the corporate track, forming an innovative resonance of multi-site linkage. In order to allow citizens to “perceive” cutting-edge science, the theme forum of the conference on June 18 and the future network innovation exhibition on June 18-19 will be open to the public for a limited time; this future network innovation exhibition invited the Purple Mountain Laboratory, Jiangsu The Provincial Future Network Innovation Research Institute, the three major operators, as well as scientific research institutions and leading companies such as Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, ZTE, and Xinhua Third, will showcase the “black technology” of the future network; the exhibition site will also hold the Future Network The popular science SHOW invites popular science experts, technical experts and talk show actors to popularize the “Future Network+” through humorous ways, allowing citizens to see the beauty of the future network.The registration channel for the conference is now open, and the public canThrough the “Future Network Development Conference” official account or the official website of the conferenceMake reservations for theme forums and innovation exhibitions.

Five years of sharpening the sword, the conference reproduces the wisdom of Nanjing

After the past four sessions, the Future Network Development Conference has developed into a high-level event for technical seminars and exchanges of results in the global future network field, building a cutting-edge international dialogue platform for this field. Under the requirements of the new era and new background, this conference has a higher position, newer intentions, and greater goals. The main line of the conference is to “strive to become the world’s major science center and innovation highland” as the main line of the conference, creating a significant impact in all dimensions Strive to complete the brand jump of the conference.

Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Purple Mountain Laboratory, introduced important guests and core content of the conference

Build nests to attract phoenixes, flowers and butterflies come. The holding of the future network development conference and its theme events will promote the development of the Zijinshan Science and Technology City area, promote the strengthening of the industrial chain of the Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, and further strengthen the promotion of Jiangning at home and abroad, and attract more outstanding overseas talents. Come to Jiangning to innovate and start a business, release new momentum for building an innovative city in Nanjing, promote the high-quality development of Jiangning, and strive to write a new chapter in socialist modernization!

In recent years, Nanjing Jiangning has actively seized the commanding heights of innovation and development, planning innovation with a global vision and based on a dual-cycle pattern. The scientific and technological system reform work has been praised and promoted by provinces and cities, and the comprehensive evaluation of business environment ranks in the province and the Yangtze River Delta. At the forefront, the accumulation of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents is accelerating, and the city brand connotation of “coming to Jiangning to weave happiness” is constantly enriched.


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