The featherweight black arrow strikes! Husqvarna “SVARTPILEN 125” debut

The Swedish brand Husqvarna announced its new model Svartpilen 125 on its official website on the evening of February 3rd in Taiwan!

Netizens must be familiar with Husqvarna! ? An event was held in China last month, announcing the official transfer of agency rights to Anton Group, and significantly reducing the prices of its most popular models, Svartpilen and Vipilen 401, so that domestic car fans can start with explosive and unaffordable prices. Yellow-branded steel cannons with trendy shapes.

The model released today is the Svartpilen 125 with the smallest displacement of 125c.c. in the family.

Svartpilen 125 equipment features

15hp maximum horsepower
Compliant with EURO 5 emissions
17-inch steel wire frame & Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires
Full car LED lamps
Dry weight 146kg
CNC processing pedals
Low fuel consumption

The launch of Svartpilen 125 is aimed at young people in Europe and is built for those knights who love to shuttle and run in the city.

From the atmosphere conveyed by the promotional videos and photos, it is not difficult to see that Husqvarna has created this car to conform to the image of urban trendy men and women, loves the streets, extreme sports and so on.

Svartpilen 125 shares many parts with the higher-end Svartpilen family, so even if this car has a displacement of only 125, it still retains excellent styling and sportiness. What’s better is that Svartpilen 125 is better in terms of fuel consumption, and it also complies with EURO 5 emission regulations.

Sharing the parts of the Svartpilen family means you will see good equipment such as ByBre radiation calipers, WP APEX shock absorbers and so on in the car. It has a Scrambler-like appearance and dual-purpose tires, but…the front and rear suspension strokes are only 142mm, and the minimum ground clearance is 145mm. Don’t think he can cross-country!

The DOHC 4V 125c.c. water-cooled engine can output 15hp maximum power at 9,500 rpm.

Off-road style handle and aluminum triangle platform.

WP APEX 43mm inverted fork.

The round headlights are made with a sense of design.

The front brake system is a 320mm disc and ByBre radial calipers.

In addition to its special shape, it also has a comfortable cushion design.

The order below is Svartpilen 125> 200> 250> 401. Hmm… The main change is that the 200 adopts the bottom exhaust pipe design except for the wheels.

(I’m dazzled when I look at it!)

to sum up

Do you think this routine is familiar? After all, Husqvarna is already one of the brands under the KTM Group, so it is not unusual to adopt the same marketing strategy as KTM. The Duke series introduced by Anton Group also had 125, 200 to 250 and 390, right? It’s just a difference in time. Therefore, we are also looking forward to the possibility of seeing Svartpilen with a smaller displacement than the 401 being introduced for domestic sales in the future. (Actually 250 has already been quietly introduced in parallel imports)

Original source: Husqvarna Svartpilen 125, the most fashionable white brand light-duty car unveiled!

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