The FBI is suspected of planning a riot on Capitol Hill to overthrow Trump

The FBI is suspected of planning a riot on Capitol Hill to overthrow Trump

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is suspected of planning the violent incident on Capitol Hill on January 6 this year, and leading supporters of former President Trump to the crime step, and at the same time. use that excuse to antagonize Mr. Trump, prevent him from re-election. Federal Representative Matt Gaetz said on June 17 that he had written to FBI Director Christopher Wray to respond by August 1 about what role the FBI played in the investigation. “Organized and participated in the riots at the Capitol on January 6”.

On January 6, 2021, supporters of TT. Trump is on Capitol Hill. (Photo: flickr / Blink O’fanaye / CC BY-NC 2.0)

Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida on June 17 told NewsMax Television that: “The FBI obviously doesn’t object to the selection of videos and images from those days for publication, which raises a number of issues: Why isn’t there more transparency? What did the FBI know? And when did they know?”

On June 16, Gaetz wrote to the FBI director asking for an answer.

He told the Newsmax host that: “Whether the FBI is incited to those criminal acts is a more serious issue.” “You know Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan) was referring to the situation in the city of Detroit, that the FBI agent who planned this similar action ended up arriving in Washington DC again, at headquarters there. “

“Therefore, it is reasonable to ask, is the FBI involved in a scenario where they first infiltrate an organization, then they try to bring the organization to the stage of criminal action like some kind of mechanism that tries to overthrow this organization.”

“In this regard, the FBI has a long history that can even be traced back to the civil rights era, so I certainly hope our top law enforcement organization has not actually violated federal law. “.

Mr. Matt Gaetz said he was worried that the FBI and the Justice Department would turn into political weapons “an organ with a lot of swamps that needs to be drained.”

Mr. Matt Gaetz continued to criticize the FBI’s evolution into a radical political organization, saying: “I don’t think they’re dealing with a small group of spoiled apples, I do think the FBI has evolved into a political opposition research organization and a radical political organization, rather than a political organization. law enforcement.”

However, Mr. Matt Gaetz does not think that the entire FBI has corrupted, mainly those at headquarters in Washington DC, he said: “FBI law enforcement at the state and local levels does a great job, but not the group of people in Washington DC who are clouded in reporting by the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN.”

Mr. Matt Gaetz said he had a very strong intuition, he felt the FBI penetrated the protest line on January 6. Then these people stormed the Capitol, so he wanted to find out the answer to this problem.

He said: “We see the FBI and Department of Justice have strayed from their original mission, now they are playing a political role. You know, I’ve been ‘labeled’ as a conspiracy theorist, just because I ask questions like these. However, even the baseless ‘Russian collusion’ hoax, or the origin of the corona virus from the Wuhan laboratory, when I make the statement, I have a very good record and it is true.”

“What I can say today is, the FBI has already infiltrated the (Trump supporter) group. We need to decide if this type of penetration leads to more serious crime than in other situations.”

If FBI Director Christopher Wray cannot provide an answer by August 1, Representative Matt Gaetz vowed to use the power of the House Judiciary Committee to continue to get answers.

Mr. Matt Gaetz summed up: “FBI director Christopher can clarify all of this, he can list the scope of the infiltration, he can tell us they ‘yes or no’ penetrated, January 6th, whether or not they were infiltrated. if there’s an FBI on the scene, ‘will they go into the Capitol on January 6,’ if that’s the case, then I think we still have a lot of questions to follow.”

Not only Congressman Matt Gaetz doubts the FBI, there are also other individuals and groups that believe that the FBI planted agents in protest activities on Capitol Hill on January 6.

According to the right-wing news site Revolver News, there are several people accused of being “abet” during the violent events on Capitol Hill on January 6, were released on the basis of their innocence, although their expression at the time was very violent and very defiant. The Revolver News report raises questions about whether these people have agreed to cooperate with the FBI so they are protected and exempt from prosecution, or are they government agents planted in it.

The testimony of a member of the “green beret” (US Army Special Forces) named Jeremy Brown shows that the FBI tries to recruit discharged soldiers to infiltrate the right-wing organization. President Trump.

Revolver News is now asking for evidence to show how many of the appellants are “secret informant” of the FBI.

According to Newsmax, many right-wing lawmakers and commentators are promoting the idea that the FBI helped orchestrate the deadly attack on January 6, after a few months of trying to cool down the riots or alleging that the riots were not involved. members of the organization “Antifa” or “BLM” (Black People Worth Living) are the real culprits.

Popular Fox News host Turker Carlson questioned why some of the January 6 suspects have yet to be charged and others are considered “only”accomplices not prosecuted” in the affidavit.

“Looking at these documents, the government calls those people ‘unindicted accomplices’. What does that mean? Well, it means that in each case, they could be FBI agents.” Mr. Carlson said on Thursday evening (June 17).

Carlson also singled out two people – named Second and Third – mentioned in the affidavit of Thomas Caldwell, one of the members of The far-right Oath. Keepers group), charged in connection with the events of January 6.

“The Second and the Third were the organizers of the riot,‘ said Carlson. “The government knows who they are, but the government does not charge them. Why? Do you know why? Because they almost certainly work for the FBI.”

In fact, Second Person was Caldwell’s wife, named Sharon. She was named in another affidavit against him and far-right oath-holders named Donovan Crowl and Jessica Watkins.

The third person is also identified in this affidavit with a name beginning with the letter . “Paul“, and described in a message from Caldwell as the head “Quick Reaction Force” for 6/1.

Legal experts note that there are a number of reasons the government might want to list someone as “accomplices are not prosecuted” in the legal record, it is because there is not enough evidence to convict them, or the individual is cooperating in the investigation.

On his Thursday night program, Mr. Carlson highlighted his suspicions that the FBI was at least partly involved in the Capitol Hill attack.

He said: “Apparently there were several people in the crowd on Capitol Hill on January 6 who had previously contacted the FBI about what would happen that day. Some of them may have incited others to commit crimes at the scene.”

According to many media reports, to date, 465 people have been arrested for expressing political views at the Capitol. Of these, more than 50 are current or former military personnel facing charges, and the majority are discharged service members.

Trinh Van, Vision Times

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