Father USB connector feels regretful that the design makes users have to insert 3 new times - Photo 1.

The father of the USB connector feels remorseful because the design makes the user have to insert it 3 times in

Sure you have experienced this situation, that is when plugging a USB into the computer. You try it for the first time and find it doesn't match, you turn the USB device on and try the second time it doesn't match, you turn it around like the first time and this time it fits just like a miracle. And you feel yourself stupid.

But don't be sad because it's not your fault and we all are. Even the father of USB connection port must admit that, he regretted the design of this connection port makes users easy to confuse where is the right direction.

Ajay Bhatt, chief engineer at IBM, gave us USB ports in the mid-90s. In an interview with NPR Friday recently, Ajay Bhatt admitted that he also understood the troubles. which users encounter, but there is a reason for him to do so.

"For everyone, the biggest annoyance is choosing the reversible way to plug in the USB properly, " Mr. Bhatt said: “It seems that the same two-way design can overcome this problem, so you can plug in the USB any way you like. But it will double the number of wires and circuits, doubling the cost of production.

Father USB connector feels regretful because the design makes users have to insert 3 new times - Photo 2.

Now we have a USB-C connector, an evolution from USB that usually allows users to plug in a connection port in both directions. But USB-C is not as popular as regular USB ports.

So when will the USB be killed and completely replaced by USB-C, it will probably be very long.

Reference: mashable

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