The fastest way to handle the car when the fuse is broken

The fastest way to handle the car when the fuse is broken

How to handle the fastest and safest way when the car breaks the fuse?

Fuses are parts used to protect electrically active parts of cars, helping these parts to reduce the risk of damage, or when overloaded or shorted, they do not spark. When the current is suddenly overloaded, the fuse has a self-disconnecting feature that causes the electric parts of the vehicle to stop working. The fuse automatically disconnects many times, continuously for a short time, a sign that the car has an electrical problem. The driver needs to bring the car for repair to fix the fault as soon as possible.

Car fuses are a part that ensures the stability of the electric vehicle’s active parts

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How to quickly deal with a broken fuse in the car

First, the driver needs to find the car’s fuse box. Usually, this part is under the dashboard of the car, so it’s pretty easy to find. After finding the fuse box, the driver should open the cover, observe and look for the burnt fuse. For example, if the lights are not on, the driver can find fuses that are connected to the lights, can rely on the fuse diagram printed on the fuse box cover to make finding it easier.

Continue with using tongs to take out the damaged fuse. Note that a plastic clip must be used, which has been fitted with the fuse box by the vehicle manufacturer. Identify the maximum current of the fuse by checking the figure around the damaged fuse. Finally, replace the broken fuse with the new one, the driver just needs to push the new fuse into the slot inside the box with their fingers.

When the fuse is burned, the driver needs to replace it with a new one

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Usually, the fuse will break or burn if the car is over operated. So, in order to quickly handle the situation where the fuse suddenly breaks, burns when the car is moving, the driver should have a spare fuse ready in the vehicle’s storage compartment. Moreover, the driver also needs to prepare enough fuses suitable for many different power sources.

It is advisable to prepare many different fuses before starting your journey

How to check the fuse

The driver can check the fuse regularly to get an idea of ​​the condition of this part. The first way to check is to remove each fuse and observe. However, this is a time consuming method and the inspector must have a certain expertise in the automobile. The second is more convenient, but it also takes a lot of time. The driver only needs to use a fuse checking assistant, which is called a circuit test light. Specifically, the operations are as follows: insert the car key, turn it on but do not start the engine; plug the probe into the connection area between the fuse and the circuit board; Next, put the other probe in the other fuse positions.

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It is also essential to check the auto fuse periodically to prevent the risk of fuse burn

Observe the signal lights, if there is a light in any place that is not bright, the fuse is burnt. The driver needs to send the car to a service center to have a new fuse replaced or replace the fuse by himself following the steps outlined above. If all the lights are on, you can rest assured that the fuses are working properly, no trouble occurs.

When the electrical equipment in the car is turned off simultaneously, your first step is to check the electrical system, in which the fuse details are something not to be missed. Depending on the layout of each manufacturer, usually the fuse box is usually under the bonnet or on the right of the steering wheel, just below the taplo board. After finding the fuse section, you can easily spot the fuses that are damaged because the core has been melted.

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How to handle the situation of a car with a fuse cut?

  • Look for the fuse box (the fuse box is usually located under the left panel of the steering wheel).
  • Open the fuse box cover, locate and locate the burning fuse. For example: When the horn doesn’t sound, look for the fuse that controls the horn based on a diagram printed on the lid or inside the fuse box cover.
  • Take the damaged fuse out of the fuse control panel with a clamp (note the plastic tweezers are included with the fuse box.
  • Check the number below or next to the damaged fuse as this indicates maximum amperage.
  • Buy a new fuse of the same amperage and press it into the slot with your finger into the slot in the box.


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