The famous game simulator RetroArch is about to "level" on Steam

The famous game simulator RetroArch is about to "level" on Steam

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Famous emulator tool RetroArchour will be taken straight to Steam on July 30th.

The "almighty" emulatorRetroArch is about to be released for free on Steam on July 30, and if this happens, this is probably the most notable commercial product ever released on Valve's "darling". This information has been officially announced by Libretro, the open source development group RetroArch.

In an email interview with Ars Technica, Daniel De Matteis from Libretro confirmed the upcoming launch of the emulator does not require any conversation with Steam about the emulator software.

Valve generally doesn't have any rules about whether an emulator is allowed to be on Steam, and surfing through Steam apps, we can also see some emulator applications. Meanwhile, Steam's discussion forum prohibits talking about emulation, considering it as a "copyright infringement". Currently, Valve still has no answers or clear moves related to this issue.

Version RetroArch Coming soon Steam on July 30 will be identical to the version you can download from the official website RetroArch. However, for now, the team developed the operating system limit for the Steam version, which only supports Windows, to ensure they can handle user needs before adding MacOS and Linux support.

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