The famous actor Wu Ma shocked half of the entertainment industry when he died, what happened to the underage daughter left behind

The famous actor Wu Ma shocked half of the entertainment industry when he died, what happened to the underage daughter left behind

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Being an actor may play many roles in your career, but it is often tied to the most successful and popular image.

For example, the little dragon girl is equivalent to Liu Yifei; Ning Caichen reminds people of her brother Leslie Cheung, Xiaoqian is Wang Zuxian, and the classic Yan Chixia in this movie. The name is firmly bound to the actor Wu Ma. Together.

Of course, a successful work is inseparable from the golden supporting role, and Wu Ma is one of the best. Since his death, it seems that the familiar laughter will never sound again in the world.

Director who likes to be a supporting role

Wu Ma was born in Tianjin in 1942. The people who grew up in that place were born to laugh and maintain an open-minded attitude towards life and life.

After moving to Hong Kong at the age of 17, he decided on his future goals in life. At the age of 21, he naturally became an actor in the famous Shaw Film Company.

At that time, Wu Ma was very diligent and studious, and often stayed on the scene to observe and study carefully after filming his own scenes.

This unusual young man quickly attracted the attention of great director Zhang Che. When he was short of manpower, he called Wu Ma to help. After a long time, Wu Ma gradually mastered the process of the set. It was so fortunate to be able to learn from Zhang Che and become a director and performer.

In 1970, with Zhang Che’s support, Wu Ma directed the first film in his life, “Angry Sword and Mad Knife”.

After experiencing all the positions in the film industry, he still feels that he likes acting in supporting roles. He believes that supporting roles are the real protagonists in a play, thus creating brilliant green leaf missions.

What is less known is that in 1982, the psychic film “Scary Man” directed by Wu Ma pioneered the trend of “zombie movies”, and Sammo Hung, Lam Ching Ying and others made significant contributions to the development of Hong Kong movies at that time.

In 1987, Wuma ushered in Yan Chixia, the most important role in her acting career, and her actor career has since reached its peak.

His acting skills successfully realized the feeling that it is not the protagonist but the protagonist, becoming the only character in the film that runs through the core character line, and successfully connected the emotional drama between Leslie Cheung and Wang Zuxian.

Movie fans still miss the scene of sword dancing and singing in the middle of the road. The hero’s unrestrained and unrestrained laugh is all in his superb acting performance.

This role allowed Wu Ma to win the first award in his career as an actor-the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor. So far, he has gained the reputation of “Gold Medal Dragon Set” in the Hong Kong film circle.

The predecessor of “morality”, smiling proudly in the film industry

In addition to Zhang Che, Wu Ma also has a teacher-student friendship with another famous director, Hu Jinquan. Director Hu once commented that Wu Ma is a sad face, and is only suitable for acting as a nobleman.

Familiar fans also agree with this point. Wu Ma sometimes smiles and feels like crying. It is very suitable to play some fierce outward but kind-hearted characters.

Therefore, in addition to Yan Chixia, Wu Ma also has a role that stands in the hearts of the audience all the year round, that is, the famous ghost hunter Zhong Kui. The funny thing is that because of the unity of God and action, Hong Kong’s celestial master Zhong Kui used to make a statue like a Wu Ma for a while.

In fact, Wu Ma himself is also an old-fashioned, righteous predecessor. He often said that he won awards for filming, thanks to the golden age of the Hong Kong film industry at the time, and he just had a chance.

What is commendable is that Wu Ma is also very helpful to younger generations outside the theater. Now everyone is familiar with Hui Yinghong, who was introduced to director Zhang Che by Wu Ma.

In the past, the film queen could only be a small dancer in a bar for a living. After being bumped by Wu Ma by accident, this gave birth to another heavyweight in the Hong Kong film industry.

Although Wu Ma played various roles with vivid images in his life, he was addicted to good people and bad people.

What the public likes most is the “Swordsman” he participated in. The post-90s generation may not be able to call Wu Ma by name, but he must be familiar with his stills.

In Swordsman Rivers and Lakes, he and Uncle Ying were singing to wine on the boat together. At that time, Canghai laughed and became the most classic scene in a martial arts movie.

Heroic spirit, but chaotic relationship history

This is a lauded golden supporting role, but his emotional experience is chaotic. When Wu Ma won the Golden Horse Award that year, there was already a girlfriend Wang Yuhuan who had been with him for ten years, and the woman even bought him a famous Armani suit to receive the award in Taiwan.

Unexpectedly, people had a romantic relationship in Wuma, Taiwan, which led to a complete breakup with Wang Yuhuan.

This movie “master” was once so ridiculous that he was accosted by his old friend and granddaughter in a bar, and Wu Ma almost made a big mistake, so he vowed never to hang out in bars and nightclubs again.

The hero’s lifelong emotional journey was when he met a girl 30 years younger than himself when he was over fifty years old. The other party felt that they had met someone worthy of entrusting for life, so they held a wedding privately.

Although he is very old, Wu Ma is not worried. After marriage, the couple has a strong relationship. His wife Ma Yan has a low-key personality. She just took the two daughters to the crew to take care of Wu Ma when she had time. The crew still have impressions .

After more than ten years of marriage, Wu Ma admitted to the media for the first time the fact that he was married and had children.

People who are accustomed to watching the flashy of the entertainment industry lightly explain that concealment is to protect their wives and family, and they are especially proud to tell reporters that being a father is a particularly comfortable thing.

It’s a pity that the time of happiness is short, and Wu Ma’s hope of living in Nanjing, his wife’s hometown, has finally come to nothing.

People around him saw him as an energetic generation master who quit smoking and drinking. They did not know that at that time, Wu Ma’s lung cancer had spread. Apart from the countdown to his life, he just wanted to spend the last time of his life with his beloved crew.

His daughter was only a teenager at that year, and she wrote a very heart-wrenching letter to Wuma. She was extremely calm at a young age and promised her father that she would take good care of her mother for him.

In 2014, a generation of heroes drew the end of their lives with dignity. It is Jackie Chan, Shi Tian, ​​Jiang Dawei, Yue Hua, Zeng Zhiwei, Ti Lung, Sammo Hung, and Tang Jili who are helping the spirits. These 8 friends of Wu Ma, who are all important figures in the Hong Kong entertainment circle.

His widow could hardly conceal his grief. Although Wu Ma gave up treatment completely when she was ill and she had some psychological preparations, but for the rest of her life she lost her other half who could shelter from the wind and rain. The pain was beyond words.

Sammo Hung, the eldest brother who has had a good relationship with Wuma since childhood, told the outside world that he only hoped that the media would not disturb the family.

It has been 6 years since the old predecessor passed away. It is said that the mother and daughter have been living in Hong Kong. These years have been very low-key, and no news has been exposed. Calculating the time, Wuma’s daughter should be almost of adulthood. I wonder if she will choose to inherit her father’s business?

The play is like life, and the life of Wuma legend is like a wave of ups and downs and passes away with the wind. The works left behind will always be classic legends in martial arts movies.


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